Sexing 2-3 times a week

Earlier today I was filling a form about my sex life. One of the questions was, ‘how many times a week do you have sex?’

I redirected the question to my partner.

‘How many times a week do we have sex hun?’.

His reply: “Twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays”.

I laughed at the specificity of the response. “Noooo. It’s not that bad. I think its 2-3 times a week”. So that’s what I wrote on the form. Because saying I have sex 2-3 times a week definitely sounds way better to me that a miserly 2 times a week. Come on! I’m a sex blogger. I should be having sex every other day, or maybe even several times a day in different positions, and all the rooms of my house. But who has time for all of that? Am I the only one who increasingly feels like I don’t have enough time for sex? The kind of downtime where you can linger in bed, laze around, and have slow indulgent sex (hence the regular Sunday nooky). I have to confess that other than Sundays sex for me has to be a quickie – short, orgasmic and to the point. I think this is perhaps also a challenge when you have a regular partner. You know what works for the person. A little nibble here, a little lick there, a rub here, and voila!

I’m curious about other peoples sex lives. Are you regularly having sex? How many times do you tend to have sex a week?

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  • It varies last week it was 4 times over 4 separate days and I was in awe! ? But then the week before that it was 2 times. It depends on how exhausted either of us is but you’re right. Once you have a partner who you connect with sexually the quantity isn’t as important as the quality is usually good. I used to feel like I should shagging every day but even that would get boring. So on average 2/3 times (with some peak performances every few months ??)

  • If you are having sex 2-3x per week you are ahead of the ball game. According to research, if you want to be happy, you should at least have sex once per week. Unfortunately, my sex life is 0 at this time, but my happiness level would be a daily dose, but with so many life variables, I would be happy with 2-3x per week. Girl i am jealous!!!

  • I don’t really put importance to how many times I have sex. the factor that determines how many times is if my partner is a new catch, if not if it is an old catch the frequency will not be much.

  • @Kwunume…I find it hard to believe that as a man you are not counting? Old or new catch…it seems like you have enough fishes and lost count? Men have great memory and don’t forget when it comes to sex. They keep a mental calendar of sexless days/nights.

  • @LoisLagos – Hehehe, I love the idea of ‘peak performances’ every few months 🙂

    @Leslie – I’m ahead of the game? Go me. I read this out to my partner cos he thinks we definitely should be sexing more 🙂 Why is your sex life at 0 right now? Sounds like a subject you could definitely blog about. Hint. Hint.

    @Kwunume – Yup, there’s that ‘new, new’ excitement factor.

    Ha @Leslie – why do you think men have great memories?I actually suspect the opposite 🙂

  • Unfortunately my sex life is zero due to not having a man. I am also looking for a progressive healthy sex life.
    Men have selective memory and sex is definitely a memory they can recall. Thay’s why the writers husband could recall the days of the week they have sex. Men are not oblivious at all.

  • Nana — “short, orgasmic and to the point” no foreplay required hehehe…

    Personally, partnered sex is zero at the moment but solo play – at least twice a week.

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