To Keep or Not to Keep? Why We Should Normalize Hairy Pussies

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I hate shaving. Absolutely, 100% do not like it. In high school and even university, I’d get subtly shamed for leaving my bush, well…errr…bushy. But I just hated shaving. I hate the discomfort that comes with it, the itchy razor bumps all over your mons pubis. Unfortunately, we exist in a society that has such irrational disgust for women’s body hair whether it’s armpit hair, just a few strands of chin hair or pubic hair that not many people will see anyway. No one cares at all about whether shaving our pubes is a fun thing for women. As a matter of fact, new and often painful methods for pubic hair removal keep springing up; bikini waxing, laser hair removal, electrolysis, baking soda treatments, egg + sugar mixtures, raw turmeric root + papaya treatments, the list gets longer and more ridiculous. 

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In all of this, the expectation to have clean shaven pubes is often steeped in misogyny and unsurprisingly, this responsibility then falls heavily on women. Yes, my dears, the patriarchy is very much alive and still kicking. Patriarchy demands that women have smooth and bald pussies in order to be considered sexually attractive (to men).  The patriarchy doesn’t care that grown women are supposed to have pubic hair and it definitely doesn’t care that pubic hair is extremely useful in keeping people safe and healthy. For instance, pubic hair protects people with vaginas from contracting bacterial, fungal and viral infections, some types of STIs like herpes and genital warts, and from cuts and boils around the mons pubis.

Of course, we cannot discuss the obsession with bald pussies and women’s desirability without an analysis of the contribution of porn and razor companies to this madness. Porn distorts our perception of women’s bodies and their desirability. The porn models with bald pussies are usually considered more desirable and the porn industry keeps churning out more of these videos, rather than more diverse and accurate ones that depict the wide range of what women’s bodies and genitalia look like.

Razor companies, on the other hand, contribute to this problem through the insistent marketing of their products over time by shaming women for having body hair and implying that our body hair makes us unattractive thereby significantly reducing our chances of finding love. And these companies  won’t stop anytime soon because they make money off our shame (again the manifestation of a bigger problem) 

Beyond the health and political reasons why we should normalize pussy hair, there are more exciting reasons too. Pussy hair boosts a more pleasurable sexual experience. It acts as a protective buffer to reduce friction and discomfort when bodies rub against each other during sex and other sexual activity. It contributes to keeping your pussy warm which can help men in maintaining an erection. It also helps to enhance sexual sensation. Having your pussy hair stroked elicits a gratifying sensation, this is because of the nerve ending at the end of each hair follicle on the mons pubis. Unlike nerve endings on other parts of our skin whose purpose is largely maintaining pressure and temperature, the skin on the mons pubis is covered with more touch receptors that heighten sexual sensations. Shaving your pussy hair reduces your sensations to only the nerves on the surface of the skin and you miss out on a wider range of sexual stimulation.

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Finally, pussy hair can trigger arousal and make you more sexually appealing to your partner. Studies show that the sweat glands present in the pubic region secrete pheromones which stimulate yours and your partner’s sexual desires. The hair then traps these pheromones which give off a unique scent that reinforces sexual desire. 

With the normalization of pussy hair, the possibilities for sexual pleasure are delightful. It goes without saying though, that ultimately the decision to keep or not to keep your pussy hair is personal and should be entirely up to you. And we support whatever that choice is as long as it makes you feel comfortable and happy with your body!

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  • I love this article so much. Thank you for writing this Fatima. I’ve never waxed before cos I don’t like excessive pain but before going to carnival this year I found myself seriously wondering whether I should because I knew I would end up wearing some high cut swimsuits. I’m glad I didn’t but full confession, veet gets all my money

    • But @Nana Darkoa for me it’s more or of TURN ON and STAYING POWER. The last time (about 9 months ago) I banged a hairy pussy, I was able to last for about 45minutes and goooosssh she squirted all over the couch. You can imagine that feeling when you both are having an orgasm at the same time, with the squirt splashing all over the place and ‘cum’ exploding. Its a feeling out of this world. Keep them hairs!

  • I love hairy pussies. They make me go crazy especially when am on top, with my hand supporting my body weight in the form of ‘arm pressing’ and I can literally feel the hairs stroke that giant dick of mine.Oh goodness! What a feeling. It’s more than pleasurable. Forget what they say that the hairs attract heat and create an ordour. A clean woman is a clean woman (hairs doesn’t matter- my opinion anyway). It is also very vital for some of us with this huge dick tip, long length and huge base to feel the hairs stroke the dick when we bang the sweet fragrant pussy from behind. Kepp them hairs..I love them!

  • i love this article. I had a similar discussion with my sexual partner and he suggested that i opt for a shaved look. I of cause told him that I have always loved it as hairy as can be, with an occasional shave once a month. Fortunately men are now open to women taking charge of the sexuality and this includes us deciding on when to shave and why.

  • As a 70’s child my introduction to the vagina was a hairy experience, first seeing my mom coming out of the bathroom naked by mistake (I hope) and second seeing my 17 year old babysitter naked (by design -lucky 11 year old me). After that all of my best friend’s dad’s nudie mags portrayed neatly trimmed but hairy bushes. Hustler magazine had a beaver section where women of all sizes and colors sent Polaroids of their hairy bushes which helped me appreciate ALL curvy women of ALL curvy sizes. The early 80’s porn videos my friend showed me had plenty of hairy bushes. I am a hairy bush supporter, champion and demander. Every shaved woman had to grow the bush out for my maximum enjoyment and I told each and every one of them the same thing “I don’t want my ticket to heaven on earth looking pre pubescent or worse …like a turkey’s neck”. I don’t need to see the 7 wonders of the world. My one and only wonder of the world is a naked curvy woman with a huge thick shaggy carpet lost in the jungle bush and the only thing that’s going to give me maximum comfort on my deathbed is an old school type nurse flashing me

  • Don: White Chocolate

    This is just one man’s opinion: a woman’s pussy is so naturally beautiful. Why hide that beauty in hair? Also, I love to eat pussy, but I don’t want to stop every 5 seconds to pull hair out of my teeth, and, more importantly, a woman does not want me to stop every 5 seconds. And just to be fair and equal, I keep myself shaved smooth.

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