Written by By Irenosen Akharele

Ivie woke up without a headache for the third day in a row and she knew she did not have her daughter to thank for it. She had almost started thinking about the girl again when she felt stirring beside her. Her frown turned into a smile and she leaned down to kiss the half asleep form that was bundled inside the duvet. So that was why she was cold all night. 

“G’morning baby.” Ivie’s lover yawned at her, a smile brightening up her fair puffy face. Her lashes fluttered as she yawned once more then stretched and Ivie was sure she wanted to swallow her whole; morning breath and all. 

A mischievous smile danced on Ivie’s face and before her lover could ask questions she flung the covers off of her, leaving her in just the t-shirt she had slept in. Her husband’s shirt. The scandalous nature of it all made Ivie tingle all over.

“Oh, oh God.” Ivie heard her lover gasp as she started kissing down her thighs it sent a shock down her spine and straight between her legs but she didn’t want to take away from the beauty before her. Her lover smelled divine and she had no doubt that she would taste even better. 

Without wasting another second, Ivie wrapped her hands around the woman’s thighs and pulled her to meet her mouth. 

It was supposed to be a good morning. Ivie was sure that after she gave her lover the first few orgasms they would saunter down to have breakfast and then hang around till happy hour. That was when she was to expect her mother and daughter to come over for dinner. 

The shuffling at the doorway and sharp gasp she heard didn’t give her enough time to detach her face from her lover’s pussy and cover them both, neither did her daughter’s disbelieving voice. 


Ivie whipped her head around, mouth slick with the evidence of her indiscretions, meeting Mali’s eyes with nothing in hers. She had to fix this. 

“Please excuse me, I’ll be downstairs in 5 minutes,” was all she could muster, looking away until she heard retreating footsteps. 

“Fuck.” Ivie cursed under her breath and got up from the bed, her feet a blur as she paced back and forth in the room. How was she supposed to manage this? 

“I thought she wasn’t returning till evening?” Her lover’s soft voice broke her out of her reverie temporarily and she looked over at her still sleepy features and messy hair making her look a certain flavor of innocent that she just wanted to get back to desecrating.

“M-me too. I don’t know why she’s here so early. I don’t know what to do,” Ivie admitted, meeting her lover’s gaze with fear and confusion. She was on the verge of losing everything because of one issue. If not handled properly, this could be the end of their relationship as she knew it not to speak of her marriage.

“Hey,” her lover got up and pulled her into a hug, Ivie’s much taller frame leaning entirely on her. “Go out there and talk to her. If she shares any DNA with the woman I know, she will understand.” 

With these words and a quick wash of her face, Ivie found her way downstairs in a robe and asked her daughter to sit with her at the dining table.

Tension turned the air in the spacious dining area to thick syrup and Ivie could swear she was seeing the ghost of a smile on her daughter’s face. The little twat obviously had something to say, she just wanted her mother to speak first. Cursing maturity, she did.

“What you saw was exactly what it looked like. Glory is my girlfriend.” Ivie spat out; cheeks bright red, eyes glued to the hardwood floors, suddenly interested in the whorls and burs of the rings in the wood. “Your father knows nothing”. 

“How long has it been going on for?” Mali asked, her voice betraying no emotions but curiosity. 

Ivie looked up and saw her daughter’s bright smile and her heart stopped beating so fast. Mali didn’t look like the angry young girl who left with her grandmother. Her shoulders weren’t so weighed down, she was smiling and there was a peaceful air about the way she sat perched on the edge of her chair that Ivie had not seen since the girl was 2 .

“Almost 7 months.”

“Good.” Mali nodded. “Dad never deserved you anyway.” 

Ivie swallowed a lump in her throat. “Thank you for being normal about this.” She laughed and got up to hug her daughter.

“You should talk to grandma.”

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