Foreplay Over Penetration

Written by Highest Kite

I love how we hug hello: my arms and legs wrapped around your torso, your nose digging into my neck saying, “You smell nice babe.” I’m only here for a quickie. In an hour, I’ve got to dress in my big girl pants and go source a feature with a former Chief Justice. You know this, but you still  take your time necking me, tonguing my ear, asking do I like this? Yes I do. 

I like how we’ve settled into your sand-coloured couch, my legs astride you. I like how your palms are going down my blue jeans. Everything you touch softens. My usual rigid ass is wet dough and yours to knead. I like how you’re taking mouthfuls of my breasts through my shirt, “I don’t want a stain Papi, take it off.” But your fingers work my bra instead and once they’re out, you lift up my shirt and suck.

We could fuck on the couch but your apartment is by the staircase. At eleven in the morning, with noise-making kids at school, everyone will hear us. You are warm under me, hard as rock, and when I push you away, you declare, “I want you!” and carry me to your bedroom. Last time we fucked in the air. No wall for support, no beddings to hold on to. Just your lovely shoulders and yummy dick to hang on to. It was so good, but now I’m lying on my back and not ready for your appetite. 

In two months we’ll have dated for a year. Boo, a whole year! Last August, you gave me so much head I learnt I could cum from the act. But I’ve had trouble staying wet this year. For a while I’ve thought you’re denying me head as punishment. I don’t want to push your head downwards. Today, when you pull off my jeans, spread my knees and go down on your own, I can’t help but squirt a little and you can’t help but overcompensate by saying, “Turn around Princess!”

What is it about you eating me out from this angle that makes me yours? One, nobody else has, and two, it makes me feel precious, like you’ll take my shit, literally. The first time you did this, I was sobbing over something I now forget. You begged me to stop and when I couldn’t, turned me around and gave me my first booty head. In my mind, you’re a dog lapping at his bowl. 

When we first texted, a few weeks post the driving class we met in, you quoted J Cole like I wouldn’t notice. But I know all the lines to Pretty Little Fears featuring 6lack. In 2018, when the song came out, I often cried, scared no one would care for me so fondly, love me so deeply, see me so well and stay. Yet here you were, five years later, texting, “I’m your dog, ears perk up at the sound of your name.” Yes you are Papi! Yes you are and I’m dripping. 

You believe I’m ready, I’m not, but I don’t mind. Your cock slips in and as much as I love the first dip, I don’t want to do it doggy babe. I turn around with you still inside me. The move is purely magical, electrical; I want this again and so I ride you for a minute before you encourage me, “Usichoke babe!” But I’m already tired. Why am I so lazy in bed? 

You know how this goes and instead, take the lead and turn us around again. This time, we fuck in missionary. It is difficult to massage and play with your balls from this position but I pull you all the way close. I love our skin to skin fucks babe. I enjoy you nosing my neck and tounging my ear, while I moan in yours and dig marks into your back.

Your member has found my spot and won’t stop hitting it. Fortunately, this is the first nut and moments later, you ask, “Can I cum inside?” Today is Friday and I took off my last pad on Tuesday. “Yes you can.” I urge you, but you pull out just as I’m reaching my own climax. While you cum on my belly, I cum on your thighs and balls. You collapse beside me elated that I’m squirting again. I still want you and ask you to lie on top of me. When we’ve done this with my belly on the bed, I love the weight of you on my back, and when you massage said back, I want to live here. 

Today, while you breathe heavily and rest on top of me, I rub your butt like you always do mine and massage and knead what I can, like you always do me. You say, “I love you,” and I kiss you hard to say, “I love you too Papi.” 

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