Guest Blogger Ms Money Penny: Love your body and have great sex!

The quality of sex you have with your lover/partner can be greatly improved by the amount of self confidence you have which comes from amongst other things, loving your body.

I personally can share a few experiences.
It is not that I didn’t love my body in the past; it is just that I didn’t really pay much attention.

As the years have gone by and various things have happened I have paid more attention to my body, negatives and positives and listened to what various lovers, male friends and acquaintances have had to say about me. Honestly, I wish I had maximized my assets when I was younger, however it is never too late to start afresh.

As a result of my new found self- appreciation, I am more confident, feel sexy most of the time and dress accordingly.

My lover senses this air of confidence and sexiness and this translates into fantastic love-making sessions. Also, because we don’t take ourselves too seriously (we are not performing for the camera) we laugh after our prolonged moaning and groaning and I am not self-conscious about walking naked in from of him.

In summary, no matter the hang-ups we may have about our bodies, we should work with what we have and be happy. Not only will we feel great, but we will have better sex and that has got to be a good thing.

Ms Money Penny

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  • Hmmm, this not feeling self conscious when naked can be challenging … when I am slim I am totally okay with it. In fact I revel in strutting my stuff. However when I have gained a few pounds or feeling bloated then it’s an entirely different situation

  • Singamaraja reading your blog

  • Just keep on asking the questions.

  • I must say that in my experience guys dOn’t really notice the difference. If you feel that self-conscious.. use something to draw attention to another part of your body.. e.g. wear your hair long wear heels or or use a scarf…just something that you can play with and draw his attention to.

    Or you can do what I do… I figure…he isn;t that amazing in every department anyway 🙂 so I own it.. jiggle and all! strut your stuff ladies.. show em what you got.

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