Why Are Relationships Sooo Complicated?

Are relationships only complicated when sexual attraction is involved? Are lesbian relationships as complicated as some heterosexual relationships can be?

Your thoughts please?

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  • I don’t think Lesbian Relationships would be that complicated since a woman knows what a woman wants. But I’ve never tried it so…

  • I think all relationships are complicated, even platonic, same sex, non-sexual ones. It’s just the nature of the beast. Of course said beast gets more beastly once you add in sexual attraction. And as for lesbian relationships, 2 periods (with the attendant irritability, bloating and mood swings) are certainly more than enough to keep things ‘fiesty’, for lack of a better word.

  • You only see complications when you’re attracted to someone. The complications are always there but the attraction only open your eyes to them.

    It hurts so deeply that I’m in such a mess right now.

  • Relationships are complicated because…they are. All love relationships are. Even mother-daughter relationships. There are some incidents that will be brushed under the carpet to be seen no more, others that will remain on the table for everyone to see. I think in every relationship where there is an emotion as raw as love, it is easy to upset and hurt the other party and as one may (not) want to hurt you back, there will be either quiet pain or an angry revenge. Then the complications set in. Oh, and lesbian relationships ARE complicated.

  • Kwegyriba: Why have you ever been in a lesbian relationship?.. cos the certainty of the complexity of lesbian relationships is interesting. LOL ( I’m teasing)

    I have heard that homosexual relationships though complicated are free of some of the issues that heterosexual ones are fraught with.
    Men say they are simple creatures thus they don;t talk too much, they serve it up on tap all day everyday and they let a lot of things slide.

    Adam and Eve don;t understand each other on a basic level so i think it would be difficult to throw in the difficulty of all human relationships and mix that in with sexual and emotional misunderstanding.

  • @Lady X – I guess the hope is that there will be less drama…but I suspect the reality is different

    @Sappho – Lol, so no hope anywhere?

    @Mr Jones – So sorry you are hurting. I hope all works out for the best

    @Kwegyirba – True! The mother daughter relationship is another interestingly complex one…One of my friends was telling me about the drama her lesbian friend CONSTANTLY has in her relationship so I agree with you about lesbian relationships not being devoid of complications

    @BrownAngel – I think I need to find a lesbian guest contributor to clarify some of our conceptions and misconceptions. Okay I guess just one guest contributor can’t be taken as the authority on lesbian relationships

    @All – I need some guest posts by people who have diverse sexualities. My blog has been accussed of being hetero-normative and that is SO not my intention. If you want to blog email me at adventuresfrom[at]gmail.com

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