My Dream Relationship

My dream man will be a feminist. This means he loves women completely and utterly. He has not bought into narrow minded definitions of “womanhood” and thinks a good woman wakes up at 4am to make Koko for him.

My dream man is confident, he doesn’t need me to make less money than he does or to be less educated than he is…he wants me to be the best that I can be.

My dream man is supportive of my dreams and has dreams of his own too. In fact he not only has dreams, he is well on his way to achieving them.

What would your dream man or dream woman be like?

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  • I think the title should have been “My Dream Man” Nana cos your dream man may not necessarily give you your dream relationship. Not trying to be smart or nothing but i think my dream relationship allows me to be me in all my quaint,geeky,funny and sometimes overbearing self.

    Should make rush into her arms after a tired day and feel wanted. Communication? easy. Sex? she tells me verbally and non-verbally what she wants while i let it rip!!!!!! We compliment each other privately and publicly at all times. We argue and shout and scream and kiss and tussle right in the middle of it! She smiles, i know she wants a foot massage right there on the beach and she knows instinctively i’d want a handjob a little after. its not exchange, its a dream. right?

  • this is the description of my dream man but sadly, I think I might have to settle. There are few that fit this description in any race or nationality.

  • I think I know the inspiration for this post! Wink, wink. My dream man, is all you have mentioned plus a Tyson Beckford body and Terrence Howard eyes! Hehehe. I’ve come to sadly realise he does not exist. So I have settled for the next best thing. But damn, is he close!;-)

  • Dream Man:
    Nana U know i’m with u on the respectful of women and , supportive of my aspirations and most importantly driven to achieve HIS dreams tip.

    Throw in a few more: He should laugh @ me when I take myself too seriously, tease me when I think when i’m being too known. Be funny, considerate, quirky and smart and not think my tastes in music, literature or entertainment are weird or white ( you know how small minded our people can be).

    He needs to be Good in Bed. Giving in Bed and Game for anything…in bed.

    Oh and he needs to talk as well as listen. And the piece de resistance, he should be fante, dark, Tall and skinny as well. Yea still looking 🙂

    My dream relationship/ marriage though: supportive, communicative partnership where we co-parent and co-housekeep according to gender-free norms that we negotiate.

  • @Q – Lol, you are sooo right…I titled the post dream relationship and then only spoke about “Dream Man”. I was trying not to be hetero-normative (shout out to Ms Cleland) and assume that a dream relationship could only involve a man. By the way, I love your comment…it sounds heartfelt!

    @Iwalewa – It’s boring to settle! and one day you might just be tempted to walk away from the person you have settled with…okay that’s a bit rubbish ‘cos you might want to walk out of what started as a dream relationship too…

    @Kwegyirba – Yup! you’re right about the source of inspiration 🙂 Mmm, Tyson Beckford and his body…anytime, anywhere…

    @BrownAngel – I hate people who think I am too known! I am not too known, I actually know! Lol, I am so with you on co-parenting and co-housekeeping. I didn’t have the children on my own did I? and we both live in the house, right?

  • My dream man is somebody who doesn’t get another woman pregnant and then doesn’t tell me about it until I find out from all the “congratulations” messages on facebook. Do I sound bitter?

  • @ Sankofa – Ouch! That must have hurt. Sorry oooo…Kose, Pele, Ei facebook can be great and not so great at the same time. How did you deal with this?

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