The Dildo as Art?

Look what Ms Cleland and I found at the “African market” in Osu yesterday…

Arts and Craft?

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  • that is not a dildo.. that’s a mushroom of some sort. please dont try [to use] this at home. :p

  • These are long indeed. I wonder if we’d find them shorter if they were in a shop in say China 🙂

  • @ Maameous; Ouch!
    BTW, did the seller have a name for them? “Hardwood” perharps?

  • @ Mike – Lol! There was no name for them…in fact Esi was the one who spotted them initially and called me over to have a look.

  • Not surprising at all. A lot of African art is very phallic and often features enlarged penises penetrating women.

  • I would love one of those in my house, mostly for shock value 🙂

  • lol@ preache’s wife…now i want one too!

  • Hmmm. They sell these on the way to Aburi in that carving village. My sister bought 2 when we where there last year. The artist said he can even “finish the tip of one in color red” if she liked!

  • @Abena – A red tip??? Oh my gosh….I wonder if people actually use these “things” or whether its just decorative?

    @Maameous & Preachers Wife – Perhaps the latest look in interiors

    @Sugbelly – Please send us some original pictures when you come across some more of this type of African art…it is perhaps evidence that traditional African societies are not as conservative as we are sometimes led to believe

    @Faf – I so agree! Besides there is no vibrating bit so where will be the fun in that:)

    @Jones – Yep! ‘Nuff said

  • Just came across your blog and I’m hooked. Read about 20 or so posts and still hooked.but this one caught my attention cos I remember back in Uni, during contraceptive class(Ps i’m nurse)we had 3 of these. We were being taught how know to put on a condom and my class mate accidently broke off the tip of the shaft(don’t ask me how)She was told by the lecturer to replace it. Let’s just say she had a pretty hard time explaining to the carpenter what she wanted done and for what purpose. Lol.

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