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I have just had a brainwave! I would love to start a series of interviews with readers of this blog – “The Sex Interviews”. Think of it as a normal interview with a focus on sex and sexuality. The interview will be conducted over email, you can be anonymous or open, the choice is yours. Questions will range from fairly innocent (well as innocent as you can be when talking about sex) to risque…

I want to start this as a series so would love to interview as many people as possible, as usual I am primarily interested in the experiences of African women. This is sex research so its for a good cause! If you are interested in taking part do drop me an email, adventuresfrom[at]

I would also be interested in knowing what people think of this theme – “The Sex Interviews”. A good idea or not? Is this something you would be interested in participating in? Would you have any fears? Why would you participate? Why would you not? Your thoughts?

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  • I love the Kinsey report conducted in the US
    and i’ve always thought we need our own version.

    What I have always wondered is the extent to which our sexual fantasies, practices and proclivities vary with respect to age bracket, social upbringing, which area in the country.

    e.g. Some male friends find the image of a woman with cloth tied around her neck ( kinda the way the court slaves tie it) very erotic; some love role playing as bush village girl and educated city boy; some like waist beads and others like mats. Did the spanking we received as kids result in a latent enjoyment of S&M acts… i’m curious so please..satisfy my curiosity.

    Will you publish the findings anonymously or aggregate them into statistics? I love the one done by this newspaper every year:

    As you can see.. I am very excited about this. Go for it!

  • Kudos to BrownAangel.I was going to point out the Kinsey Report, both as a reference for how to structure a survey and a comparative work.

    The world is awash with sex-friendly literature. Maybe you could invite your readers to contribute to a clearinghouse for such a repository. It will add more heft to your efforts.

  • @Brown Angel – Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried to incorporate your feedback in my post on the “Sex Interviews Questionnaire”. Will also check out the links…I think people would be more comfortable with anonymous findings

    @Kofi and Brown Angel – At this stage the Kinsey Report or the Shere Hite Report format is too ambitious for me…I will do my best though. Thanks for the suggestions

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