Are You A Woman Or A Man?

My co-blogger Abena and I were discussing the other day how it appears that a lot of men read our blog, and how men send us emails asking us to blog on particular subjects. Our perspective was ‘…but we started this blog for women’.

I said to Abena:

I think the majority of our readers are women but they’re just acting like they are shy’.

I was reminded of this conversation with Abena when I had a phone call from a girlfriend I haven’t heard from for a while:

Girlfriend: ‘You have no idea what you’ve started with your blog’
Me: ‘Ermm, what?’
Girlfriend: ‘You know that board I told you I had recommended you for?’
Me: [thinking oh no, now they don’t want to put me on the board] Yes?
Girlfriend: Well, I sent your blog address to my friend, and she told her husband (who is the one who heads the board) about your blog. He’s 67 and he says he really likes your blog and that I should give you his number so you call him. He has lived through a lot so he can really give you the real deal so you write about it on your blog
Me: Ermmm…

Fortunately or unfortunately the line was bad so that is where the conversation ended but more importantly I’m curious as to whether we have more women readers or men readers.

In order to test out this pseudo theory I have just posted a poll asking readers to indicate whether they are male or female. Perhaps I should have added intersex to the mix. (Do comment below this post if by any chance you are intersex)

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