Dream Wedding Magazine: ‘How to have good honeymoon sex’

So you’ve had the ‘big’ wedding, or the ‘small’ wedding or the ‘traditional wedding’. The guests have departed and now it’s just you and your husband/wife/partner. This is your honeymoon night…

How important is honeymoon sex? Very important, I suspect you might say. Well let’s look at a couple of scenarios. What happens if you’re so exhausted after the wedding and your honeymoon sex is not as great as you would like…you can only manage one round for example, that happened to me when I got married…but I didn’t know then what I know now (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

I recently shared some insights on ‘How to have good honeymoon sex’ in one of Accra’s newest magazines ‘Dream Weddings’, and I will be contributing a regular column on Sex and Marriage to the publication.

In the next issue of ‘Dream Weddings’ I will be writing on what married couples can do to keep their sex lives ‘spicy’…that’s assuming there was some spice there to begin with… Are you a married person? What tips would you like to give other married couples on keeping your sex life spicy?

Dream Weddings can be purchased from Silverbird Lifestyle, Melting Moments, Needletalk (Osu), selected Shell shops, a number of street vendors ?

You can also check out their facebook page, ‘Dream Wedding Magazine’

5 comments On Dream Wedding Magazine: ‘How to have good honeymoon sex’

  • Honeymoon sex as the landmark for what your married sex life is going to be like. Might be relevant if you both have no experience with each other. What expectations have you brought to the bed, so to speak? Is tiredness an option or must sex be mandatory? Could you talk yourselves to sleep, reminisce about the steps you took to the journey you’ve embarked o? Could you see this as prelude to an epic, or does it spell disaster through and through? Honeymoon sex has to be seen as the floor from which better sex, and a better life, can spring.

  • Saw the magazine on facebook. Am not in Accra. Wish I could check it out. Will look out for your posts Nana. I love your website.

  • It won’t be fair to judge how good newlyweds sex-life would be based on wedding nite performance. I’m guessing stress increases exponentially as the day progresses. For that reason, I’d say wedding nite sex alone isn’t THAT important.
    When its my turn, we’ll knock one before we get ready for the church ceremony. After “I do”, we’ll do.
    Don’t be looking for us during the reception either. If you see her walking around with stains in her wedding dress, you know what’s up.
    If we are too tired at the end of the day, there won’t be any disappointments/ regrets. one round will suffice.

  • @Kofi – I couldn’t agree more Mr Ametewee

    @Brooms – Thanks for the compliment. Compliments make me happy 🙂

    @Mike – Looolll!!! I like your strategy about knocking one before the ceremony

  • Speaking as someone who waited until their wedding night, it’s important to talk to each other about your expectations for the night and how the evening will play out. Take your time to enjoy this time together… Enjoy foreplay and after a day of festivities… It’s ok to rest and have a wedding morning instead of night. At the end of the day enjoy yourselves and for goodness sakes relax and have fun…
    Also a shower or bath together and a massage. is a great way to start the evening. Thats all from me 😉

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