Guest Contributor Goddess L: Learning to love your goddess center

As a fulltime goddess, I have been on a journey of self discovery and my own education. This journey has brought about a very wonderful gift. I have begun a very intimate relationship with my goddess center. Just to clarify, I’m talking about my Vagina folks. Culturally and socially most women have been taught to live from the neck up, that our vagina does not exist except when we are on our period and even then, we are made to feel it’s dirty, must be washed, covered and such. Even when we are being made love to, our pleasure is dependent on someone else, yet, when we are having a baby, all of a sudden, our GC is sacred. All others times though, it is largely ignored and the message out there is do not touch it for pleasure…….. Ladies, if we were not meant to get pleasure then why do we have the clitoris? It’s sole function is to provide pleasure! And, as I have come to know, the word vagina is so inappropriate to call it as it only makes up a 3rd of what your goddess center is, it’s like calling a throne a chair – really now, that would never do.

Secondly, the origin of the word makes it a dangerous word to use to describe this amazing power house that we have as women. The word “vagina” is a Latin word meaning “a sheath or scabbard”, a scabbard into which one might slide and sheath a sword.” Not sure about anyone else but I do not want my goddess center reduced to being a keeper of any sword.

How can the epicenter of life be condensed down into a sheath for a sword with a single word? Ladies your vagina is your goddess center and power house, life is created through there. Our creative energy also comes from that place ( for all of you that know about the chakras). “Sheath for a sword”, what a cheek! Now, my education into this area began awhile ago. I had been reading and exploring till I came across Mama Gena and the School Of Womanly Arts. She said every woman ought to name her vagina and treat her like a new pet. Ladies, let’s think about this for a moment. Every name out there has been given by someone else, some are cute and others are downright disgusting! Like the great Shakespeare asked, would a rose by any other name still smell so sweetly?

One of the exercises she has is naming your vagina. I laughed when I read this at first but then I thought about this from this point of view. If you asked any man if he had a name for his penis he will quite proudly say yes! He would tell you that his penis has had a name since the age of 13 and proceed to tell you his penis’s name and the exploits they had been on, like he was talking about his best friend. Could this be the reason why men have less hang ups about their body and sexuality? Due to the fact that they have been having a long time intimate affairs with their god zones?

So, I decided to embrace the exercise fully. One day after a long bubble bath I sat back, grabbed a hand mirror , looked at my goddess center and began discussing her with my body. I asked my vagina who she was and what she wanted to be named. It felt funny to do at first but I really got into it and I discovered her name. Now this is hard to describe, but as soon as I accepted her name I felt sexier almost instantly because it was part of her DNA. She did not care about my butt size, dress size or bra size, all she knew was that she was there to be adored and desired and that men will go to great lengths to spend time with her. And trust me when I say that the sexual energy and confidence I was giving off was serious! I had men tripping over themselves! Oh did I enjoy our naming day.

It went beyond the surface stuff to be honest though, I found myself feeling more awake and connected to my sensuality and feeling just delicious in my skin, on top of that, my creative juices kicked themselves into a higher gear. I felt like I could seduce the entire world onto my side and get anything I wanted. Ladies imagine just for a second you felt like this anytime you wanted, how powerful would it be for you? Imagine if you will that when you walked out of the door, you were fully tapped into your source of your creativity what would that do for you?

So ladies, I want you to take an evening off, create a sensual space to introduce yourself to your goddess center. Light some candles, turn on some soft music, whip out a hand mirror and a torch and look at your goddess center. Know what she looks like, touch her speak to her and asked who she is. Yes you will feel silly at first but bear with it as you embrace the process.

You will come to find that your GC will respond to you with her name and her personality will burst forth. She will become your favorite ally when you want to feel you’re most sensual and totally irresistible to anyone.

The Goddess

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  • i love this! it’s so important for women to connect with their goddess centers, learn to love and respect her, stop regarding her as something that smells and is dirty. i find it really shocking when i encounter women who don’t know what they vagina looks like. that’s horrendous really. luckily i had those sexuality talks in secondary school and thought most of the females teachers were those who subscribed to the ‘keep your legs crossed’ mentality, a parent who specialised in sexual health once gave us a long talk on knowing our bodies. her daughters we some of the most body confident girls in secondary school no doubt they are confident women now.

    the origins of the word ‘vagina’ is also interesting. so this just means even for bodily terms a woman is defined by a man…

  • this is so true my dear goddess you highlight what we need to teach every woman out there. Our GC is the most powerful of all and we should care for it and love it completely…on that note i need a hollywood 😉

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