Appeal for Guest Contributions

Dear Readers, Commenters and Lurkers,

I apologise that I haven’t blogged in ages. I have been sooo busy and when I have a moment free no creative juices flow (please no puns about juices flowing 🙂 )

This is an appeal to you (especially my African women readers) to send in guest contributions to adventuresfrom[at] so our blog can remain exciting, relevant and a useful cyber learning space.

Wishing you loads of good sex!

Nana D

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  • i have a post?… how do i become a guest contributor?

  • Jessica, I apologise. I forgot to respond to your email. Do send your contribution to adventuresfrom[at] and I shall consider posting it. I do reserve the right to reject any posts…although it is extremely rare for me to do so. Cheers!

  • I tried to contribute this

    Never got a response when i e-mailed though

  • Hi Siri. Your name and web address rings a bell but for some reason my phone is not allowing me to go through to your site now. If I remember rightly I didn not get the sense that you had written a contribution specifically for Adventures. I got the sense that you were merely trying to promote your own blog. How can your contribution be your own blog? A contribution is a post specifically written on African women and sexuality. Like i keep saying I retain the right to reject any posts based on my own subjective objectivity. As a general rule I do respond to all emails and comments unless of course I get the sense I’m being spammed. In any case thank you for reading Adventures.

  • I stumbled on this site and I LOVE it, have spent oh too many hours this evening trying to read everything
    I am an African (Ghanaian) Lady (I use the word very loosely) is there any subject you are currently interested in or would prefer?

    Kind Regards

    • MsQTCute…no preference at all. As long as the post is related to our theme of ‘sex, diverse sexualities and relationships’ we’re happy to accept almost anything 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the site. Bless.

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