Nana’s interview with “Girl, Its Not Just You”

For my thoughts on being black, womanhood and body issues do check out the interview with Girl, It’s Not Just You

Do let me know your thoughts on the interview

4 comments On Nana’s interview with “Girl, Its Not Just You”

  • I like your definition of the black woman and the fact that you’ve accepted what makes you Nana… and about you changing something if you had the chance… you did make good of the Adage that goes like : life comes to an end when you stop reading… the whole interview is splendid

  • Hi Nana D,

    I like the first and last part of the interview, but would like to ask Abena why is it interesting what a woman would like to change about her body? That question I feel bring out the worst in us women – and who would ask an influential man the same question?

    So, Nana Darkoa, you are beautiful because who you are, a stone more or less, a few spots more or less on your forehead (or wherever they are). You are a black woman, an activist, a sister and an inspiration to your friends.

    I would have liked to read stuff like: What is the most important issue for women in Ghana? How is it related to issues of black women in general? When will Ghana see its first female president?

    Now lets forget about rubbish details given by scales and faux “friends” and get to work.

  • @Mystery – Thank you. I appreciate the feedback

    @Kajsa – Hehehe, I shall leave Abena to answer that one…I do agree though, men just do not get asked questions about their bodies. A man’s response will possibly be “I love my pot belly, it makes me look distinguished”…okay, okay, only joking…Oh Kajsa, thank you so much for the compliments. I really, really, really appreciate it especially the bit about being an inspiration. Who me? Wow!

  • Hi Kajsa,

    The point of my blog, among other things, is becoming aware that the various body image issues we face as black women are not unique to any of us. so asking what a woman would want to change about her body is first letting my female readers know that no one thinks they’re prefect and second, they might identify in some way with the person’s body image problems. men don’t get ask those questions because they’re generally comfortable with their bodies and don’t need male support and solidarity in that area.

    As to the questions, I’ve only just started the series recently and will be switching up the questions from time to time.

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