Guest Contributor Tema Boy seeks advice

Ladies, I need some advice here.

A while ago, I was on a promise, all set up and ready to happen at 5pm on a
given day (no, I’m not not anal like that, just that she closed from work at
4.30pm and it would take her 30 mins to get to me) Anyway, at about 10am that
morning, I get a call from this chick all apologetic and explaining that she had
just come on. “Come on what? I asked”. My psyched up mind just
couldn’t comprehend that anything could possibly scupper our well planned tryst.
Never mind the 2 shots of atemuda going to waste, what the heck was I going to
do about the soon to hit blue balls? So I said, “I don’t mind my stake
bloody”. Corny, I know. Don’t cuss, hindsight is 20/20. To her credit
though, she didn’t flinch, she just said she would have obliged had it not been
our first time together and she’d rather we rescheduled. Reschedule we did and

My question is, was I too keen the first time? How would you have reacted if I
has spewed that liking my stake bloody line at you? Did I get off lucky?

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  • I’m a prude, so I’m sure my answer will be in the minority. If I had been on the other end of the phone I would have screamed “Ewww!! Just wait 4 more days dude. This kitchen doesn’t serve raw steak.”

    It’s impossible to get blood out fabric. If it DOES go down when Aunt Flo is here, I hope it was on your sheets, not hers. Period blood is a bitch to clean out. Smells bad too.


  • Tema Boy, you lucky dog! Arranging after-work boning, good on you, son!

    Abena, I’ve found that doggy takes care of the mess, but when you shower afterwards it’s like a scene out of Psycho…

    Interestingly, some women, my Gallic paramour is one, seem to want their itch scratched a lot in that period. What is the gallant guy to do?

  • Tema Boy, first time out for me would have been a no-no. I still get the first time jitters and to add my period in the mix would not have worked at all. Admittedly in the back of my mind I would be thinking ‘ damn, this man is a freak!’ (lol) . Not to mention the fact that you seem to want me so bad would have been an incredible turn on! That would have increased my curiosity and so yes, would more than likely have opted to reschedule.
    That said, that time of the month for me is generally off limits – it just gets too bloody messy! (pun intended)

  • Just referring to it as bloody steak would have made me feel incredibly queasy, truth be told.

    I don’t think of my self as a prude, but the idea of period sex holds little appeal to me. But I often feel i’m in the minority on this. Plus I’ve never done it at the height of it all, if you see what I mean. I’d be just starting or finishing. So maybe experience will change my mind. Doubt it though, I don’t tend to be very horny when I’m on my period I generally feel hot and bloated and want NO1 touching me. If she’s in my camp then I understand her reticence.

    For the record, yes it was a tad eager. Which is actually ok, so long as it doesn’t tip into desparate (i.e. begging and pleading is NOT cute!)

  • Hahahahah. Kofi had me visualising doggy styles whilst on and I can see how that will work. Lol!

    So in the past I have blogged about being totally anti the idea of sex on my period until I dated this guy VERY briefly who was determined to help me get over my menstrual blood and sex issues. In a nutshell he went down on me whilst I was on and it was AMAZING! Perhaps in a long term relationship I would reconsider having sex whilst on my period but it will have to be like day 1 or day 6…

  • @Nana – kudos to this guy. oral sex while a girl is on her period is on another level altogether… takes guts to be on that vampire swag lol!

  • @ND and Sappho: as my friend who was an aficionado of this particular sport had it, ‘the task was best approached from the top’. I do like the idea of the vampire swag, incarnadine fangs and all…

  • Wow. Very interesting and frank discussion!

    Tema Boy, like another commentor said, the phrase “bloody steak” would have been enough to curdle my stomach…and dry up my juices…Would have had me wondering, damn, how many women does he do this with?

    However, at the same time, the fact that you would consider it could be taken as admirable.

    I have had sex while on many a time, but it was with a partner that was more or less long term [for the moment]. Oral sex, too…and it wasn’t even my idea.

    I have always preferred not to have sex while on during the first day or so, because the flow is at it’s heaviest.

    HOWEVER, a couple of years ago, I dropped that standard when a very good friend of mine, who I had traveled very far to see, and tried everything (except drugs) to stave off my period and lo and behold, that shit came late that night while we were getting horny at the club. When it came down to it, we did it. I was surprised with myself almost more than I was with him. He was not a long term OR frequent partner of mine. But he was and is my dear friend and a great fuck and I will always keep him in my heart as such.

    Messy, yes, wet, slippery & fun.

  • @ Nana Darkoa,,wow!!! ‘a bloody come down on’ …twilight..hehehe

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