ATS: The Value of Trust

Tony  tapped his foot on the restaurant  floor until Afosua arrived. She sounded so intense on the phone…more agitated than normal. He was looking forward to seeing her, but wondered what could possibly have set her on edge so badly. Perhaps she was having regrets about the last time they were together.

A few moments later she walked into the door and hurried to his table. He stood and pulled out a chair for her, unsure if he should hug her or shake her hand. Her skin was dewy and she looked flushed, as though she were feverish. He sat in the chair next to her and took her hands.

“Are you alright?” he asked with sincere concern.

Afosua waved the waiter over and asked for water.

“I’m fine,” she lied.

When the water arrived she took a deep gulp.  When her heart rate was a bit steadier, she began to dig around in her purse and pulled out the thumb drive that contained the details on Jurgen’s account. She placed it in Tony’s hand.

“What’s this?”

“It’s something I need you to hold on to while I’m gone,” she whispered, leaning in closer to Tony. He was instantly distracted by the light scent of her perfume and her quickened breath.

“You musn’t let anyone see this under any circumstances, okay?”

The urgency in her voice brought him back to focus.

“What’s on it?” he asked anxiously. “Why is it such a secret?”

Afosua scooted her chair closer to his and forced his gaze to meet hers directly. She was about to speak when she noticed that the other patrons were staring at them suspiciously.

“Let’s get out of here. I’ll tell you everything.”



Lydia Oppong’s house was massive. Centered in the cobblestone court yard was a massive fountain fashioned to depict an African woman pouring water back into a river. Twin doors made of mahogany beckoned the visitor to the entrance. Each door was carved with a pictorial narrative, compelling the caller to pause and consider its mute tale. Annette would have spent more time trying to decipher the carvings had Lydia not beckoned her into the house.

“Come and I’ll show you your room,” she announced.

Lydia led Annette through a small maze of rooms, pointing out the kitchen, living room and back yard.

“If you swim, there is a pool,” she said noncommittally. “I don’t keep spare swimming suits, but I’m sure we can find one in town.”

Annette nodded in acknowledgement. She had never learned to swim, but she would love to dip her feet into the water. The two ascended the stair case and passed by Lydia’s home office and several other miscellaneous rooms. Finally, at the far end of the home they came to the guest room. It was painted mint green and there was a crisp white comforter on the bed. It was clean, but uninviting. It was not decorated to encourage long stays.

“I hope it will suit you?” said Lydia.

“Yes! Of course,” replied Annette. “It’s lovely – simple, but elegant.”

Lydia pointed to the right side of the room.

“You’ll find a bathroom here through those doors. It’s all yours, of course. I’ll see to it that the girl brings you some soap and fresh towels.”

“Thank you.”

The lawyer looked down at her watch and excused herself. She had to get back to her office and see to another case.

“When I get back we will begin to discuss your case in detail,” she informed Annette. “There’s a lot of research we have to do if we’re to deal with Mr. Prah.”

Annette nodded. Even the sound of his name struck terror in her. If he could find her in Asylum Down, how much easier would it be for him to find her in this grand place? Lydia read Annette’s concern immediately. She put her hand on her shoulder and squeezed it gently.

“No one is going to force you from this place,” she assured her. “For one, they would be trespassing, and for another, you are free on bond. Unless you reoffend within the space of the next few weeks, no one has a reason to come looking for you.”

“But I didn’t commit an offence in the first place,” Annette pointed out.

“And that is our task to prove in court,” replied Lydia. “I’ll see you tonight when I get back from the office. Call Josephine if you need anything.”

Annette took off her flip flops and heard the wooden doors swing shut a few minutes later. She turned on the hot water in the shower until the room was steamy and welcomed the burn of the hot water. The weight of the liquid and her relief forced her to the shower floor, where she lay until it turned ice cold. Surely this was all a dream. How had her life come to this?



Afosua followed Tony to the door of his home. The gardener cast the two of them a knowing glance, but continued to cut the leafy bushes that surrounded the inside of Tony’s compound. Tony shouted a greeting at him.

“Kofi, how be?”

“Oh fine boss!” Kofi chortled. He gave Afosua a wide smile. She gave him a curtsey nod in return.

“Will you have something? Some water, or a drink perhaps?”

“No, thanks,” said Afosua settling into the closest chair.

Tony poured himself some orange juice and sat next to her. He waited until she was ready to speak.

“I think someone at Phillips & Boakye is engaging in something fraudulent,” she began.

Tony’s eyes widened.

“Who do you suspect? And of what?”

“I’d rather not say who, and I can’t tell you of what until I have all my facts in order,” she said evasively. “I just need someone I can trust right now – and the only person I kind of trust is you.”

“Only kind of?” he murmured softly, taking her hand. “Afosua, I hope you know that I would never hurt you…and if there is any way I can help you, I will. How can I help you?”

She smiled and covered his other hand with hers.

“Just keep this hidden and safe till I get back from my business trip. I leave on Thursday, but I’ll be back a week from then.”

Tony nodded.

“No problem.”

The shared moment of faith between the two of them sent a surge through their clasped hands. He reached up brushed her cheek softly before pulling her in closer to him. He kissed her passionately and deeply, cupping her face with both her hands. Feeling herself surrender to her desire she moaned, but suddenly pushed him away and stood up. Alarmed, he flew to his feet as well. What had he done wrong?

“Which way is your bedroom?” Afosua asked, reaching out to unbutton his shirt, pausing only to look at him expectedly.

Tony smirked and quickly led her away. A week was going to be a long time to see her again.

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  • Yaaaeeeyy I’m first!gosh guess I’m more addicted than I thought,hehehehe(crackling like a witch)!.
    Malaka thanks,u just gave me a terrific tuesday!And BTW I didn’t come 2 the party late,saw the post way before there was any comment but I was in a meeting,had 2 even scheme for us to close early so I cld come write something 4 u,so there u have it but as it is said: kaykire na )ya adepa to wit last baby’s always get the best of it all.
    See you tomoro for my ‘fix’ my dear dear enabler.

  • I’m so team TONIFOSUA, i jus love seeing them 2geda

  • i cant wait for mr prah to start getting is ass kicked proper! and even though i love afosua and tony together, i can’t shake the feeling that there might be something ‘not so good’ about tony..

  • Hahaa!! maybe we should have t-shirts made that read #Team Tonifosua / AfosuOny *cackle!*

    Ozohu, I have a bad feeling about Tony too. We’ll have to wait and see what that is. Perhaps he’ll surpirse us in a good way? Hmmm.

    ABENA, as for you, the less said, the better. You are unabashed in this your addiction. HAHA!! I love it! I have to remember that we are in different time zones and do a better job of posting a bit earlier. I can only try, my addicted friend.

  • Hmmm!!! I’m hesitant about this Afosu trusting Tony scenario. But, hope goes as planned, and Tony doesn’t double cross Afosu…don’t mean to come across distrustful and negative……We shall see!

  • I was a lil worried abt Afosua trusting Tony too but i really want him 2 help her get over her past. i wish he’d represent the good guys out there(no matter how few) n make her fall in love again. She deserves a 2nd chance at happiness n love

  • Abena, marry me. Oh, I mean Malaka!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ll be very honest, you know we don’t have romantic stories in Africa, if so they are in literature form-which means you have to think deep and shit! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this series!!!!! Yaiiii mami.

  • I have been reading and enjoying this series so much. I haven’t commented on it though. Cos most of the other addicts usually say how I feel, but I realise how important it is to give u feedback. You write beautifully and we are drawn into the story. I almost cried with Naa and Annette, I wept over Afosua’s near marriage saga, I crowed with glee at Lydia’s round 1 victory and I’m so terrified about Tony. I want this to be her healing relationship, but I’m filled with trepidation … after all, he DOES work for her firm. Oh please let him not be mixed up in any of it. My heart couldn’t take it. When published, this would be a collector’s item. A book to lend to only the most special people. My onle fear is that with publication, we may have to wait forever to get the rest of the story. I won’t make it with that kind of a wait. My withdrawal syndrome is bad as it is. #Team Afosuony!!!

  • Hmmmm why do i also have a feeling Tony cannot be trusted? Poor Afusua, i love them together but…

    Well i guess we all wait to see!!

  • Well, well, well Ine! You’ve come out of hiding I see? 🙂 Yes, it is so important to have feedback. It encourages writers to continue in their craft. Thank you for the compliment in saying I write beautifully. It truly means a LOT.

    Well folks, we’ve JUST submitted the synopsis and chapters to the publisher! Now we wait and see. In the interim, lets find out together what happens with Afosua and co! Won’t be long now for the next installment. 😉

  • I do get a sense of ‘fake prince’ here. Too easy, too nice. Hmmmm…

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