Sexy Times with Nnenna Marcia: Ms X and Mr Charles…

I finally rolled off. Charles swiped two fingers through my pussy one last time and stuck them in his mouth, licking off his fingers one by one. He wiggled his eyebrows at me. I crossed my legs.

“Stop it, Charles. You can’t be ready to go again? It seems your heart is holding up well. Could I have a coke please?”

“You this girl,” he said swatting my behind. “You have no respect for your elders. Go and get it yourself. And get me one while you’re at it.”

“You’re not my elder, the way you were going just now. Get me a coke,” I said again. Charles smacked my bottom and got out of bed. He opened the fridge and took out a bottle of Diet Coke. “Eh, regular Coke please, thank you,” I said.

“You don’t need regular. Your arse is getting big,” Charles said. He reached over and got the one I requested anyway. The bottle chinked against the glass as he poured it. He carried it over to me.

“And yet you cannot stop smacking it.”

“I am a weak man,” he said.

“Yes, you are.” I took a sip of the coke. “I love these little tiny bottles of beverages you get in hotels you know.”


“I don’t know. I think it’s because they look like the real bottles, but miniature; glass and everything, not plastic.” I took another sip. “Seriously, is your heart alright?”

“A man has one heart attack and suddenly he’s an old man. I am fine. Stop worrying about me,” Charles shuffled into the bathroom holding his waist. “Bah. Bloody young…so and so…pap…Quaker oats… Mabel? Where are my teeth?”

I laughed. “You play that part to perfection. It’s almost like you’ve been rehearsing.” Charles played out his usual symphony; urinating, exhaling, loudly while he did so, flushing, washing his hands, moisturising them. “You know, you have the softest hands of anyone I know.”

“And the hardest belly. Look at this! Whoo hoo. All your university boys cannot compete. Now move over young lady, I am a very tired old man. I intend to latch on to your breast and suckle them till morning. I need my nourishment, mmmmmmmm. Come here, mummy.”

“You are so perverse!”

“You love it. Now come here and show me some love. I’ll be fifty in eight years. I need all the help I can get in staying young.”

“You’re not old. You’ll always be my Mr Big.”

“Are you Carrie Bradshaw then?” asked Charles, tweaking my nipples.

“Ooh. Yes.” My legs were already spreading of their own volition. “I can’t believe you watch Sex and the City. It’s such a stupid show.” Charles shook his head and mumbled something as his tongue slapped my nipples silly. “Oooh…mmmm…I can’t hear you,” I said.

“Not my fault. Temi,” he said, and lowered his head again.

Oh. Her.

I pushed at the covers and reached down, almost triggering an orgasm when my clit brushed against the sheets. I tried to rub myself but my hand slid about the place. The tips of my fingers puckered. I made a sound in my throat.

“Too wet?” asked Charles. I nodded. He abandoned my breasts, turning his attention to where I needed him the most. He licked all around my lips, lapping at the moisture before it could flow outwards. “I think this is a lost cause my darling. And unfortunately I cannot stay sane long enough to dry you out. I need to suck…” He suckled my clit hard, causing the muscles on my buttocks to clench. I felt the pull deep in my womb.

“Charles…oh Charles…shit…mmmm.”

“Don’t swear young lady, or I will have to stop.”

“Sorry. Don’t stop.”

“I can’t anyway,” he said, smiling into my eyes. His erection was calling my name. I touched it, rubbing a thumb over its smooth head. Charles hissed, clenching. I turned on my side and Charles adjusted himself so that I was looking into the eye of his swollen penis, pre-cum beading and sliding down his head. I caught it on the tip of my tongue and swallowed, closing my eyes. When I opened them, Charles was watching me. He seemed to have found what he needed. Using my thigh for a pillow, he spread my stickiness with the fingers of one hand and stabbed into me with his tongue.

“Charles!” Charles growled. The vibrations from contact with my slit spread out all over my skin. I covered my teeth with my lips, puckered up in a tight, little ‘O’ and gobbled up Charles’ dick, flicking the underside with my tongue. His buttocks clenched again. I held on to them as he was holding on to my hips. I pulled him all the way out and thrust him back in. By the third time I did that, Charles started thrusting. I wrapped a fist round the base of his cock. The saliva frothed around my mouth but I didn’t care. “Mmm, mm, mmm,” I said, knowing it drove him crazy. His cock tasted of warm, clean skin and was growing increasingly salty. I reached around his back, rubbing his taint with my thumb. Charles’ buttocks were clamped like a vice around my hand.

I could feel myself melting faster and faster. Charles was not letting up. He stuck two fingers, then three inside me, thrusting in and out and stirring me in a circular motion. His tongue stabbed at my clit, flicked it, smacked it. His delivered quick little sucks until I was a tangled ball of sensation. “Please, please…now now…” I lowered my head, taking him deeper and deeper. Charles was firm but gentle. His growls changed to grunts and the pre-cum flowed like wine. He shuddered and his body tautened. I clasped my lips around him and opened my mouth wide. Charles pulled away quickly straddled me shooting thick and white and hot. He kept thrusting until he was done.

“You remembered,” I said. “I thought you said you wouldn’t do that after the first time,” His cum clung to my trimmed pubic hair like pearls.

“You young people like the strangest things,” he said. Charles pushed my knees up to my chin and continued from where he stopped. He rubbed on my front wall with two fingers from the inside and he licked me. I was right behind him. I grabbed his head, shoving it down until I started to feel slightly ill. Charles travelled upwards on my body, lingering to breathe of the still-quivering spots. He kissed me, using his tongue in the same way he had on my pussy.

“You taste divine,” he said. He ran his hands from my neck to my breasts, picking up one of my braids and flicking a nipple with it. It hardened. “I am going to miss you so much, my darling.”

“Go on, you old softie. I’ll be in Abuja in a month anyway. I can stay for a while before I go east.”

“No,” he looked into my eyes. “I am going to miss you.”

“Oh,” I said, returning the look. “Oh.” I propped myself up with some pillows, doing the same for him. “When?” I asked.

“After Christmas,” he said.

“Congratulations,” I said. “Should I say congratulations?”

“Yes, you should. I trained you better than that,” he smacked my bum. “Hey,” he turned my face to his. “I am very happy. I am so happy that I feel like I should give you a lecture on settling down soon. Sometimes, I feel as if you wasted your youth on me.”

“I’m only twenty-five! I’m still young.”

“Yes, but…”

“Don’t preach to me, Grandpa.” I kissed him back. It made sense, why he had cum on me. He was saying goodbye, the way I liked it. “I can’t believe you’re getting married. Somebody else is going to make you do your special ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’’ noise. I’ve been meaning to ask, do you really make that noise when you buy up companies? It’s hard to believe.”

“Believe it. Imagine if they all knew it was my sex noise.”

“Huh,” I said. “Well, whatever gets you off.” I was silent for a while. “You know, you should probably get Temi to eat something. What are you going to slap otherwise? Your poor old- man bones. You’ll break your…ouch!” Charles smacked me again and raising my legs, entered me in one fluid motion.

“Thank God for little blue pills,” I said.

“I don’t take them. This is all natural, darling.” He stroked my hair. “I am going to miss you my dear.”

“Yeah, yeah, grandpa. Shut up and fuck me.”

“Language!” Charles said, but I felt him grow a fraction harder. He gripped my knees and started thrusting.



The Rolex glowed on my arm. Charles had presented the box on one knee.

“What’s this? For me?” I asked, peering at it.

“Yes, for you. A parting present, if you will. I know you hate me buying you gifts, but these are special circumstances. Two years and…”

“Oh God, just slip it on my wrist already before you start crying.” I kissed his hands when he was done. “It’s beautiful, thank you. Hey,” I looked again. “Are those…flowers on its face?”

“Yes, because I know you hate them.”

I started laughing and Charles joined me. Tears were streaming down my face and I had to repair my mascara before I drove him to the airport. I wasn’t going to let our last drive be at the back of some cab, no matter how executive or luxurious it was. I marvelled at the speed with which trolleys appeared once his feet hit the curb. People can always smell money. He didn’t look back as he waved. Just like I liked it.

I thought it a pity that Charles was marrying The Witch, Temi. He liked his women a bit rude – feisty if you will – but she just struck me as a cruel person. Cruel and thin and fashionable with her interior designer arty-fashion clothes and her magazine covers. You all know the type. She really should eat something. If you’re marrying a man, it seems to me that you should want to do things he likes, but what do I know? It’s not like I have ever been in love. And if he wanted to marry her, who was I to object? I don’t want to ‘settle down’.

And at least my mortgage is all paid. Who said dating a multi-millionaire doesn’t have its perks?

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