Guest Contributor Lois Lagos wants to be your private dancer…

One evening when my lover came round for our regular evening visit I made a joke that I would strip for him. This sparked his interest and of course he wanted me to act on it and surprisingly though I tried to joke my way out of it I wanted to do it to. Its not a big deal to some but I’ve never given anyone a lap dance, none of my past boyfriends not even the long term ones…although thinking about it now many of them wanted me to give them one. Actually one former lover tried to convince me to moonlight as a stripper, not because he wanted to be my pimp but because he thought I would make a lot of money from my body. I never took that idea seriously and always considered it something “naughty”, and not in a good way either…

So up until this point I have never stripped for anyone and I suppose it is some inate feeling of not being attractive nor sexy. But suddenly I find myself in a new place spiritually and sexually when I’m giving myself a break. I’m being compassionate and open and wow does that make me feel sexier. So I let Mr select an album and he chooses a Maxwell album (none of that hippedy hop) and as if by magic I start dancing like I was getting paid to do it. I didn’t let the concerns of the possibility of getting stuck in my jeans or my bra not unfastening stop me from arousing Mr with the sheer sensuality of my movement to the music. Teasing him and touching myself, smiling and singing. He got so excited that I wasn’t standing naked in front of him for very long. I’m not sure if he believed that I had never done it before…not sure that I care. One thing i do know is that its a great way to spice things up in the living room/bedroom/passageway…

Have you ever given your lover a private dance? If so, what was the experience like? If not, why not?

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  • ..i haven`t.. Mostly because i`m very insecure about dancing when i know someone`s watching. But who knows, with a little alcohol courage i might try to rock someone`s world soon. Hmm now that i think of it, i really should try it.

  • I like dancing naked with my partner 🙂 I prefer that to doing the lap dance for whoever the partner is … plus lap dances for men bring up my issues of women being sexual objects, as well as the fact that it’ll make me feel slightly body conscious…I love it when a man dances naked for me though…but most men also feel self conscious when you ask them to dance for you, and even when they dance they make it a jokey thing and don’t take it seriously enough

  • I have had a man strip dance for me once though…it was fun & empowering from my perspective.

  • it’s quite entertaining to bring fun to the bedroom. i’ve danced once for a partner, it didnt last too long either, he got really aroused.
    i’ve also had a partner strut around in my g-string just for laughs.;) i believe other fun activities apart from sex in the bedroom goes a long to keep the relationship memorable 🙂

  • Its true. Keep things fun and fab go a long way!

  • Don:+White+Chocolate

    My lady has done strip dancers for me. Very hot! Sometimes we do dance nude together. another turn-on for me.

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