What’s on your sex Christmas wishlist?

If all your secret sexy fantasies could come true what would be on your sex Christmas wishlist? Mine would include:

* Being tied with silk scarves to my iron wrought bed, and being made to cum over and over and over again till I scream for mercy.

What makes your list?

Oh, and have a sexy Merry Christmas.

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  • It would go something like this:

    On the twelfth day of X’mas, 12 Japanese Rope Experts a-tying…
    On the eleventh day, 11 Rwandan maidens with elongated labia are licking…

    etc, etc.. etc…

  • My biggest wish is to find a man who truly loves me

  • lol, I didn’t realize you were keeping count! yeah we did so I’m looking for a new guy now.

  • Mine is to for my favorite lover to return to Ghana & for us to spend at least a week together. And also to be able to trib my woman till she cums; just like she does to me.
    @Kofi A….please do finish up.
    @ Ekuba…i’m sorry to hear you broke up. But my humble advice is to stop looking…love has an elusive property to those who search for it…it spoils the magic of it finding you when you least expect it. I know it sounds lyk philosophical BS but trust gal, its true!
    Merry Christmas y’all

  • On the tenth day of Xmas, 10 Rio hotbodies a-waxing

  • Hmm @ Naa Adjeley, I really wish I believed in the magic of love etc. but I don’t. I think there’s no guarantee that anyone will ever meet the love of their lives but it’s all down to luck/ the grace of God. For now, I’m just grateful to be alive and to fantasize/ hope about meeting Mr. Right soon!

  • Kofi, bless your heart for being such a …

    I already said my Christmas sex wish: to be left the hell alone. Chile, I is tahhhhhhhhhd as hell.

  • On the ninth day of Xmas, 9 Krobo damsels a-beading

  • On the 8th day of Xmas, 8 Lapland maidens a-lapping!

  • @Ekuba – Yes o, Sister Nana is keeping track 🙂

    @Naa Adjeley – I’m so with you on wanting a former lover to come back to Gh. What does ‘trib’ mean? So your woman doesn’t cum when you have sex? How come?

    @Kofi – Loving your rhymes. Keep ’em coming…I wonder what will happen on the first day of Christmas

  • @Kofi “On the 7th day of Xmas 7 suave Swedes a-sweeting”?
    Autocorrect almost succeeded in making me look … — Hmmm, maybe it just tried to crank up the heat 😉

  • @Nescum Vit, this is the spirit… it’s supposed to be a communal effort.. I was gonna go for … stockholm brunhildes a-sweding… but yours is much better…

  • mine would be having a whole day, locked in a room with a gentleman i had a quickie with this weekend (more on that soon)

    @kofi – loving the rhyme

    @ekuba – please believe in love. it exists but i agree with @Naa adjeley stop looking for it. just be yourself and you’ll get a surprise one day. mr. right doesnt exist but there is a man out there, just made for u; also struggling to find u *hugs*

  • @ Korkor: hahaha, I still don’t. I’m yet to see a couple who have both spent 20 plus years ‘in love’- Maybe I’ll believe it when I do. Is the concept of romantic love as it stands in the West indigenous to Africa and other parts of the world? But that’s the topic for another blog posting and not what this one is about…

  • @Nana: Trib aka ‘Tribbing’ or ‘Scissoring’ is the act of two women running their genitals together. Apparently very pleasurable.

  • @ekuba – true but romantic love as we read in the prince charming movies and cartoons doesnt really exist. there’s just people we are really compatible with. that lasts a long time. like u said, another posting another discussion

  • On the 6th day of Xmas, six Warsaw kobiety down poles a-sliding

  • On 5th day of Xmas, five fine Fantse nketesia cutely a-kissing

  • @ Kofi Ametewee, I love this 5th line because you literally ‘went to my hometown’ with it. Y3 d3 wase d3 atsew h3n anyim. Now please carry on (or should I say, more of those, wink)

  • On the 4th day of Xmas, four frolicsome Dagomba pretties a-gambolling….

  • Hello Ekuba, I’m saving the third day of Xmas for you.. 🙂

    Couldn’t complete the job without including cape coast… home of the finest babes in Ghana…

  • @ Kofi Ametewee, omg I just dieeeed and came back to life. Really? You just made my day. It’s 2am where I am- now I can’t sleep till I read the 3rd line….

  • Ekuba, actually, I meant for you to use your verbal skills to craft the 3rd line..

  • No p Kofi and since I’m a woman, here’s something for my ladies to fantasize about:

    On the third day of Christmas, three tall and tantalizing Tanzanians with tremendously thick ‘tools’ a-thrusting. Have a good one!

  • @ Ekuba…now thats an awesome wish
    @ Nnena Marcia…thanks for explaining what tribbing is
    @Nana Darkoa…i inferred from one of your previous posts that you may have indulged in some tribbing, yes? My woman does orgasm when we make love but not through that technique. Getting her to cum that way is in my next year resolutions. But if i can get that for Christmas, why not? 🙂

  • @Ekuba fabulous…

    On the 2nd of Xmas, two juicy Ga tribeswomen a-tribbing…

  • @ Naa Adjeley, baaaad girl so this this been your fantasy all along erh? lol

    @ Kofi A: thanks and can’t wait for numero uno

  • @ Naa Adjeley, you see how you’ve caused me to misspell out of shock? I meant to say ‘so this has been your fantasy all along’

  • Hahaha,@ Kofi A and Naa Adjeley, I know I’m typing a lot today like a bunny on heat but it’s just ’cause I’m kind of high at the moment. Just kidding.

    But seriously, Naa Adjeley, if your partner is also Ga (i’m assuming you are Ga from your name) then you guys might have already carried out Kofi A’s wish for the 2nd day of Christmas. Or?

  • On the 2nd day of Xmas, two juicy Ga tribeswomen a-tribbing…

    May Naa Adjeley’s wishes come true.

  • Sorry for entering this late. What about on numero uno of christmas day a sixsome with Naa Adjeley, Adjeley, Kokor, Nana D and Ekuba afroliicking?
    @Ekuba why not on the third day of Christmas, three tall and tantalizing Ghanaians with tremendously thick ‘tools’ a-thrusting?. What is about Ghanaian men that makes you fantasize about Tanzanian men?

  • @ Kweku: hahaha about a sixsome! Charley, I wish my life could be exciting like that o but as selfish as I am, I hate to share so it seems I’m stuck with boring ‘twosomes’ for the rest of my life.

    Why Tanzanians and not Ghanaians? It’s all about alliterations my dear, see how all those ‘Ts’ rhyme! In my opinion, Ghanaian men are the sexiest men on earth and so if I’m fantasizing at all, then it’s’ definitely about Ghanaian men and no other! Charley, we have ‘good things at home o! Why would I go outside? Big ups to all my Gh guys reading this 🙂

  • @ Ekuba lols…i have been really good all year round so i am sure Santa will overlook this ‘small sin’ & grant my wish anaa? ;p
    Thing is, my gal isnt Ga but she is juicy! 🙂
    @ Kweku, thats a lot of legs to deal with! Sheesh…the thought of it kwraa makes me nervous for you, all these sexually liberated women in one scene? Thats serious overkill mehn!

  • Hahahah this has been fun read.

    @kweku – all six of us?! Now u just being suicidal eh? Too morch charley . Too morch

  • @Korkor @Ekuba @Naa Adjeley am I now allowed to fantasize haba? I know u are all strong, sexually liberated woman and I may be asking for trouble but don’t cry for me abi! On day 1 of christmas day six juicy, sexually liberated Ghanaian lasses a tribing and frolicking lol!

  • I beg fantasize some jor!

  • @Naa Adjeley – Ah, ah, ah, why are you trying to out me to the whole world 🙂 I plead the fifth…

  • @Kweku – Hehehehe, your comment cracked me up! Ei, sixsome paa? You be ambitious guy waa, but hey, what are fantasies for?

  • @Naa Adjely: Nana has, has she? Hmmmm. This is….interesting news. The plot thickens!

  • For all my dreams to come true.

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