Vote for ‘Adventures’ to win a ‘Ghana Social Media’ award

I was very pleased when I saw via the @BloggingGhana handle on twitter that Adventures (on twitter we’re @AdventureFrom) had been nominated in 3 categories for the Ghana Social Media awards – best activist blog (which particularly pleased me), best original content (which made me very happy), and best blog (which was like the cherry on top of the cake). This was until I decided to dig deeper into Blogging Ghana’s websites and looked at the results page and to my shock horror we are not leading in any of these categories. Yikes! Yes its an honour to be nominated, yes I am a fan of some of the other blogs that have been nominated but I still want ‘Adventures’ to win in all the categories we’ve been nominated for. I know a lot of our readers are ‘lurkers’ (and I say this lovingly), but this is the time to take out your finger…and vote for ‘Adventures’ by clicking here


BloggingGhana Blogging & Social Media Awards 2013

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