I love my boobs

I love my breasts. They are big, curve gently downwards, and swoop upwards where they are topped off by rather magnificent big brown nipples (even if I say so myself). Everyday I restrain my boobs in a brassiere. I love to wear pretty bras. I have a pink and black polka dot set, a fuchsia bra with matching french knickers, a leopard print bra…I’m not even sure how many lingerie sets I own. And yes, I like to wear matching sets. I laugh when I remember my BFFFL Malaka saying, “Even your period panties are sexy”.

I don’t always feel that the love I have for my underwear is reciprocated. Sometimes my bras turn on me and attack me. At the end of a long day when I get into my car and start my 30 minute journey home I am sometimes overwhelmed by the need to take off my bra NOW. There are times I have noticed scars on my body left by a new bra, and there are some gorgeous bras I have worn once and relinquished to the bottom of my lingerie drawer.

All along I thought the fact that I invested in good quality, expensive bras were somehow good for my precious boobies. But oh no, some too known French researcher is now saying bras don’t prevent sagging. Ah, ah, ah. What a waste. I remember a conversation with my friend Adwoa who swore that she kept her big boobs perky by sleeping in her bra.

In spite of my love for beautiful lingerie, the first thing I do when I get home is take off my bra. When I’m working from home I love to wear simple ruched dresses which provide minimal support and maximum comfort. A few weeks ago I met Charlotte O’Neal who clearly doesn’t wear bras, and I thought, “Damn, I want to be as confident as she is when I’m older, and walk around with my boobs free”. And even though I love my big boobs, I am positively jealous of all the A, B, C cup women who can wear backless dresses. That’s not something I can do…

Ironically my boobs are fairly useless in the sensuality department. I have heard of women who can orgasm from having their nipples suckled. Nah that’s not me. I don’t even really enjoy my nipples being sucked. Its just okay…oftentimes sucking on my boobs does nothing for me. Sometimes its mildly pleasant. Oftentimes I just want to say, “You can skip the boobs and just head on down”.

How do you feel about your boobs? Do you love ’em? Hate ’em? Do you get off when someone sucks on your nipples, brushes your boob in passing. Lets chat.

Photography Nana Kofi Acquah
Photography Nana Kofi Acquah











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  • I used to LOVE getting my boobs sucked. Then I had kids. And breast fed everyone of them over the course of 6 years. Nah man…I want no one’s mouth near my boobs!

  • I love my breasts, they hover between B and C so I can do without bras most times, and they are very sensitive sometimes 🙂

  • I used to hate my breasts because each one is a different cup size (one is a b cup & the other a c). But I fell in love with them recently after my best friend had surgery on hers to remove a lump. I guess we should all be grateful for the bodies we have

  • I have no relationship with them. They are just there. They pendulate. They laugh. They cry. They smile. I don’t care for them, never have. I do though have a relationship with my backside. If I didn’t have one, the world wouldn’t go round for me. There is nothing that makes me shudder like a flat pancake nyash.

  • Growing up, I always hated my boobs. I started wearing bras when I was just 12 years old and I guess the teasing from schoolmates contributed negatively to how I feel about my boobs. Now at 27, I must admit that I have mixed feelings towards them. At 36 G,I have noticed my boobs are the first thing that attract men. No matter how I try to cover them, I always have to deal with men who will rather look at them rather than look me in the eye. I have also resigned to the fact that I will never be able to wear strapless dresses, and that my front-buttons will always be straining at my bust area. My fiance however loves them, and I must say that my boobs rather come in handy whenever we have a quarrel…he can never resist them. And oh, unlike u Nana, I can orgasm through boobs sucking only!

  • I must confess, I am one of those women who can orgasm just by the thought of lips encasing them. Yeah, that sensitive but I LOVE my breasts. They are huge and are the best bit of my body followed by my legs. They are mine and I thank GOD for giving them to me because I take care of them very well. Check them for lumps, caress them with oils and other lotions, close my eyes and wear unpleasant looking bras, but I still love them because they never let me down.

  • Ebenezer Mr Scrooge

    Hi Nana… My email, asking how the modern African Woman regarded her breast – as sexual (for her, her partner or both), as restricted solely for breastfeeding, as expressions of their beauty or a combination of one or more, never got a response… Hopefully, this might give an insight… Oh, and I love “my” boobs…

  • I used to be a B, then a C, now post-kids, I am a 36DD. Before anyone starts salivating, let me make it known that a good percentage of my breasts are around my knees. Heehee!

    I used to be tres sensitive in the boobal area, and because of that I couldn’t really touch them during solo sessions or it would be GAME OVER. Not as sensitive as my clit though, but the combination of both will have me coming in T minus three seconds.

    Now, even though they are still sensitive, and feel oh so good when sucked/licked, I find that I tend to want harder stimuli applied to this general area. No teeth though, that is just wicked and God will punish whoever uses that on me by making all their teeth fall out.

    I wish I appreciated them when they were still small and perky, instead of spending all that time wishing for bigger ones. And no, wearing bras does not re-perkify them, sadly. It’s all tissue and when it falls, that’s it – unless you go for a reduction.

  • @Malaka – Oh chale, I can understand you not wanting anyone near your boobs 🙂

    Ah @Myne, you’re one of those women I’m jealous off…

    @Ekuba – You’re absolutely right. We do have to love our bodies more, and be grateful when they are functioning.

    @AM – You consistently crack me up. I love reading your comments. So you’re not much of a boob girl huh

    @Ama – Your comment took me back to being in Form 3 when my boobs suddenly grew, and I guess I didn’t quite know how to be confident within my own body because my classmates also used to tease me and call me ‘Madam Stiff’, apparently i walked stiffly and held my chest erect. Jealous of your ability to orgasm from boob sucking 🙂

    @Eish Madam Butterfly – from mere thought paa? How can I count the ways in which I am green with envy 🙂 Love what you said about looking after your boobs well and checking for lumps. We all need to ensure we do this

    @Ebenezer – Heyyyy. I remember that email well. Can’t quite remember now why it didn’t get a response. I confess I do prioritise responding to queries from women so sometimes I read a query from a guy and I’m like, mmmmmm this is not really what my Adventures mission is about. I hope you understand. This post may have answered your questions though. My nutshell response though is that different African women will regard their breasts differently as the diversity of responses on this post suggest.

    @Nnenna – Please why did you have to interrupt my fantasties with visions of your knee length boobies 😛 Besides who says that can’t be sexy. Sigh. Yet another orgasmic woman I need to be jealous of

  • I used to hate my boobs! They popped at the ripe old age of 7. My family was worried i was growing way too fast, my friends used to tease me mercilessly and my grandmother, well she hit those little seeds into submission with a ”tapoli” (small pestle used in grinding spices) which my friends say is painful but i used to find outrageously funny. Anyways, they popped right back up about a year later and i found myself in trainer bras and unable to go to P.E class because i couldnt change in front of my judgemental peers,who kept telling me my breasts would sag if i wore bras too early and also because i had to wear full shirts instead of the prescribed tank tops. Needless to say, i’m grown now, my boobs are still quite perky(except that theyve drooped considerably these past two years), they turn me madly on and are a favorite for most lovers i’ve been with. I love my boobs now! I play with them, look at them in the mirror, take pix of them, mourned them when i had to have a lump taken out a couple of years ago, and now i basically just celebrate them!

  • I used to love my boobs, im a little bit undecided about how i feel about it now.i love the sight of it in bras, it has a lovely colouring; fair with dark brown tits but they are beginning to sag and that breaks my heart. I also feel that it has increased in size and has become too heavy for me so im considering a breast reduction surgery. Is there any non-surgical approach to reducing them?

  • Ode to the boobs eh…I used to love my boobs too pre-baby days when I was a sexy B/C cup. Now after them babies I’m DD/E and so headed downwards. The hubby still claim to like them so I guess I must learn to appreciate them too right?

    • Right! It does make me wonder though…does the state of the boob not matter to these men? Is it just the fact that one has boobs that satisfies them? Men answer me o!

  • I hated them so much cuz I only had nipples. $8,500 later, I love them and they perfectly compliment the nipples!

    I love having them worshiped by my lover…like the way his eyes glow with desires whenever I’m braless and the nipples are visible under my clothing. Or the way he sucks, cups, and kisses them. I especially love the way they feel when he teases my nipples with his tongue or as he rests his head against my breasts when he is spent from an intense session of passionate sex.

  • I am soooooo getting my boobs done!

  • I used to have a love/hate relationship with my breasts. Now? It’s love/love.

    They began to grow when I was 9. By age 10 I was a low B-cup, by the middle of high school I was a low-D. I graduated a dub-D.

    I’m 6 feet tall and thin. Between the men who ignored the rest of me to focus on my breasts and the women who assumed they had to be fake because there is no way someone my size could grow breasts like mine, I was done with humankind. Any mention of breasts would elicit a cat-like hiss from me. But after I traveled the world and studied history, I grew to appreciate my breasts. Now I love them–stare all you want. They’re mine; you can’t have them :).

  • So this is a really old thread but a google search (don’t ask) brought me here and I though I’d add my two pennies worth.

    I have 34F sized breasts with small areolae and rather big/thick nipples. I was also an early bloomer like some of the other ladies that commented above, but I don’t remember ever being teased about it. Admired? Absolutely.
    I developed a bit of insecurity over the thickness of my nipples when a friend commented that they looked like the nipples of a breastfeeding mother 🙁 Fast forward a couple of years to my meeting partners that absolutely LOVED my breasts (and nipples) as they were and couldn’t get enough of them…that insecurity slowly melted away.

    You asked in your post if we women get off by having our nipples stimulated; for me it’s a definite YES. They are central to my arousal and having them sucked/suckled takes my orgasm from a level 10 to a level ‘ohmygodtheangelsaresinging’. Even catching my partner staring at them longingly, or having them tell me what they want to do with them or how much thye are attracted to them, turns me on like crazy. One of my favourite things is having my partner lazily fondle them while we do something totally innocuous like watch tv.

    The end.

    • So glad you shared. Ha! All sorts of random Google searches bring people here. I hope you stay now that you’ve discovered us 🙂 I’m so jealous of people like you. My nipples are too sensitive and not in a good way 🙁 Thanks for sharing

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