Happy masturbation month

A friend sent me these cool graphics. Instantly I thought of my newly celibate sisters (*ahem* Ekuba and Naa Adjeley)…but for everyone else, happy masturbating month…




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  • Hmm, Nana Darkoa, thanks for tempting me when I’ve decided to embark on a new ‘noble’ path lol (although as for this one di33, you can say me naa, my eye has become red & I’m tempting my own self lol). By the way, I remember that Naa Adjeley said that her definition of celibacy doesn’t cut out ‘self love’ so… Oh and you forgot to add Abena who recently celebrated her 9 month celiversary. lol

  • Wow, really cool graphics. Ahem, i am still not decided on whether i should cut out “self love” or not oh? Anyways, happy Masturbation month to y’all( does May get any better? I’m a freakin’ proud Taurus)

  • Masturbation (i’ve never liked that word) is every month.

  • I wank often but 69 is better. I love to eat pussy

  • Nana Darkoa your photo’s and stories such a turn on.

  • Happy Masturbation Month!

    We created Masturbation Month in 1995. Earlier that year, then-Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders was *fired* for saying that masturbation should be discussed as part of young peoples’ sex education. *We were astounded.* It was one of the most sensible things we’d ever heard a government official say — and it cost Elders her job!

    So, Masturbation Month was formed to raise awareness and to highlight the importance of masturbation for nearly everyone: it’s safe, it’s healthy, it’s free, it’s pleasurable and it helps people get to know their bodies and their sexual responses.

    Thanks for helping us spread the word! And if you want more info:

    And yep, self-love can be enjoyed year-round!

  • I can tell you that 67 you’re never to old for some self love when there is no pussy for munching

    • hahahaah @Mike, you’ve cracked me up. Its good to know that at 67 (or whatever age one is), you’re never too old for self love and pussy munching 🙂

      • Nana thank you a good laugh is always valuable. I was in Lagos last year before I discovered you and your site. I wish I had as Anthony’s instructions would have made things even better. But what ever your wish do it and enjoy it.

        • Ah @Mike, I remember you now. You sent me an email which I had every intention of replying but time got away with me, and it disappeared into the depths of my inbox. I am glad you’re enjoying Adventures

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