Lois Lagos reviews Diva Choice bath brûlée – Strawberry dreams in a lather of luxury!

When I received my cupcake shaped Strawberry Dreams bath brûlée from Diva Choice I must say I was extremely impressed by the quality of packaging. I am a stickler for attention to detail and the divas who wrapped up the product made it evident that they actually cared about the product and the customer receiving the item.

I decided to treat myself to an early evening bath with the bath brûlée so had to set the perfect scene, i-pod playlist ready, incense burning, candle lit and the bath running. Upon placing the bath brûlée in my running bath I took a moment to enjoy the bubble rising in the water. There is something particularly sensual about a bath and this product certainly accentuated this. I left it in for about a minute, the instructions state that it can be used up to 6 times which makes it great value for money, unlike some other bath bombs which you can only use once. Upon removing the bath brûlée I entered what I considered to be a pool of luxury. Why? The smell that exuded from the brûlée was absolutely delicious and it released tiny flower petals that literally made me feel like a princess. I don’t take baths enough…choosing to shower daily even pre-love making but I have to admit that this bath (albeit without bubbles) would have been perfect for a pre-love making session. The essential oils that were released into the water were just right and I was impressed with how it left my skin feeling so soft and smelling so lovely without being over-powering. I felt uber-sexy and had to run a second bath because I enjoyed myself so much! For £3.50 I would highly recommend this for you or for a gift to a friend or lover. I entered the bath feeling like a princess and came out of it feeling like a queen…a pity I don’t have king to taste the Strawberry Dream on my skin but one can’t have everything…I made myself pretty good anyway!

Diva Choice bath brûlée
Diva Choice bath brûlée

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