Bucket list by Guest Contributor Kamilah

“Time to go home” Marisa thought, finally home to Atlanta after magical 11 days touring Madrid, Barcelona, Naples, Rome, Pisa, Marseilles, Majorca, and Amsterdam. Marissa could hardly believe her life which was almost like she was in a movie.

“I just can’t believe I’ve knocked off six things from my bucket list.  The experiences with having an authentic Italian meal in Rome, visiting the Pompeii Ruins, experiencing a French art museum, touching a real Dali sculpture, and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, whew! It makes me excited just thinking about it all.”

It had been a whirlwind trip, but all she desired now was a quiet quick, as could be, plane ride home. She plugged in her headphones and opened her  novel “Daughters of the Swallows”  preparing for a relaxing 8 hr flight home “Tony paced the floors of the chief inspector’s office like a caged panther”.

Marissa was so wrapped up in Afosua and Tony that she hadn’t even noticed him getting on the plane, but there he was lifting his Gucci duffle bag into the overhead compartment.  Out the corner of her eye, he made quite the impression with his tall muscular build, tattoo covered caramel skin and scruffy beard with Prada shades covering his eyes, even with his sexy demeanor she didn’t want to make eye contact for fear he might find that as an invitation to speak.

She was settled in and wasn’t looking for any “flight friends”.  Marissa thought “What are the odds the sexy tall guy is actually sitting next to you? He’s probably just putting his bag in the first available overhead compartment. Slim chance he’s even on your row,  you better settle your sights on the hairy fat guy behind him, that’s your seat mate for the next 8 hours” with a slight chuckle.

Tap, tap, she felt his string hands gently tapping her shoulder to get her attention.

“Do you mind? That’s my seat there” he pointed at the very seat she had already mentally given away.

“Oh, I’m sorry” she jumped up from her seat and moved into the aisle to allow him to pass. In doing so she couldn’t help but breathe him in, he smelled like fine soap and expensive cologne. All thoughts centered around inhaling him in a deep embrace, wrapping her legs and arms all around him, shutting out any sign of daylight between them.  Pushing those thoughts aside, she took her seat and kept reading. “Shit! Tony cursed. There are three different ways to get out of that office. Harold could have left through any of them hours ago!”She read the line at least 5 times, her brain seemed to not be able to process the words on the page. The thoughts of him had taken full control now and sweat was now creeping into her palms, her underarms, the nape of her neck. This man literally made her sweat. “Oh, Crap! Now, I’m going to smell horrible while he smells like a delicious Frenchman” she thought.

Tap, tap, now on her right shoulder. “Can you hear me?” he said.

“Yes?”  she answered pulling an ear bud out of her ear.

“I’ll give you 50 euro if you switch seats with me?”

She had noticed his cramped 6 foot 3 inch frame twisting and turning in the inside seat. She knew this would be a long ride for him cramped up like he was.

“There’s no need to give me 50 euro, I’ll gladly switch with you” she said.

After settling into their new seats, he turned to her and said “I know your final destination isn’t Atlanta, so where are you headed from there?”

“No, I’m going to Atlanta, I’m from there” Marisa said.

“Oh, really? That’s cool, I’m from Macon. I’ve been in France for the last few months. So this is the first time I’ve been home in awhile.” he said eager to make small talk with his new seat mate.

“So, how does a boy from Macon end up in France?” she asked.

“Basketball of course!” he stated as if it were an obvious answer and perhaps it would’ve been if her brain hadn’t went straight between her thighs the minute she fully looked him over.  Curly black hair, cut into a slight Mohawk, full scruffy beard with a few straw grey hairs sprinkled throughout, beautiful white teeth, strong jaw bone structure, and that was just his head. The lust for this man had Marissa taken aback, she was practically drenched in a full body sweat now. She thought to herself, “This man has some serious voodoo.  Men rarely affect me like this, in fact most men repulse me.”

This had become all a bit much for her sexually starved libido.  Her normal healthy appetite for sex, 5-6 times a week, had been starved from the long vacation, which had made it seem even longer without any self pleasuring either, this man had her mind racing with a number of naughty things and she didn’t even know his name.

“ It’s ok” she thought, “I’ll call him Paris, I’ve always wanted to do Paris.”

His voice interjected her illicit thoughts “I’m really tired, I’ve been up since 3 am, my flight from France left at 5 am.”

“Oh, wow. I’m well rested, I had a wonderful massage and great dinner last night in Amsterdam, so I’m wide awake” she said.

Somehow mentioning a massage piqued his interest, he now looked at her as if he was staring straight through her clothes. She could sense his conversation wasn’t just airplane chatter but what could they really do about it? She dismissed the feelings by putting the headphones back in and starting up a movie while he settled into sleep. She watched him sleep and worried; about his neck, his legs, his comfort, was he hungry? Again she shook it off as nothing.  However she just couldn’t help herself from getting extra in flight snacks for him to eat when he woke up. She cared for this new stranger occupying more than just the seat next to her, he had gotten completely inside her head.

He groggily spoke as he felt her fidgeting in the seat next to him “Are you comfortable?”

“Yeah I’m fine” she lied.

He turned his head to the aisle to get comfortable and return to sleep.

“You better speak up or you’re going to be pretty uncomfortable for the next 7 hours”, she thought. Marissa tapped his shoulder now. “Well, if you don’t mind can I lay my legs on yours?” as she gestured with her hands.

“Of course not, get comfortable” all the while nodding his head, he made her feel ridiculous for even asking. He had a way of making her feel comfortable and easy, so she draped both her legs over his right leg and the shared arm rest where his shoulder was,  had been removed in favor of her head being resting on his shoulder. Before she knew it, they were both sound asleep, together. The rest of the plane seemed to disappear.  Their breaths fell into sync and even as well rested as she thought she was, she too was in a deep sleep alongside him. She had found comfort in his being.
She was awakened with the urge to pee “Shit, I don’t want to wake him”.  But the juice and wine from the in-flight service was pushing at the walls of her bladder. She would have to wake him, there was no way out of the row without disturbing him. She knew once she woke him, there would be no way to get this warm cuddling embrace back but she had to pee, there was no avoiding it.  Marissa gently shook him, he was a bit harder to wake this time. This sleep was just as sound for him as it had been for her. Again she shook him, harder this time and he came to.

“I’ve got to use the bathroom” she said, he nodded but made no action towards moving. In fact he waved her hand to let her know she could leave, but his face was clear that he wasn’t moving.

She thought, “Well, I’ll just have to go over his legs”. She stood up and hoisted her left leg over his lanky limbs and there she was, straddling this strangers lap with her round legging clad ass squarely at his eye level as he placed his hands delicately on her waist to steady her.  Wetness shot straight between her thighs with his touch, she knew if she didn’t move soon, she may never move. She sauntered to the back of the plane, with the feeling that he was watching. As she stepped inside the door she saw her seat mate rising up from his seat “Oh, so now he moves?” she thought with a sigh.
Tap, tap. “Didn’t they see the occupied light on?” she thought. She had to take care of this sudden wetness between her legs, the need to urinate  was taking a backseat.

Tap, tap again she heard at the door. She cracked the door slightly, and he moved his large body into the tiny slice of open door way. Marissa was speechless. Her thoughts were racing

“Is he really in here with me? What should I say?”  She was usually pretty quick witted but he seemed to render her silent.

Within moments her mind was silenced by his strong arms scooping her up and kissing her deeply. His tongue was exploring her mouth, his passion for her was overwhelming. His kissing sent another surge of wetness between her lips.

Surely he could smell the musk coming off of her body, her own personal blend of juices, sweat, and lubrication were filling the air of the small bathroom. This was always her tell…men could never tell if she was into them from the poker looks she gave but her body always betrayed her.

She knew he picked up the scent when his hands found their way inside the waistband of her leggings. Getting dressed in the hotel that morning she had opted out of lingerie, everything in her luggage had been worn, she reasoned that there would be no need for them.

“Who wants a thong digging in their ass or bra strap cutting into your shoulders for an 8 hour ride where no one knows you anyways” she thought that morning. Had she only had any inclination of today’s events, she would’ve worn dirty underwear just to keep her from fucking him. But as it were, there were no barriers to his advances.

She was completely naked with two simple tugs off came her tee shirt and leggings.

Marissa heard him inhale deeply, “Your body is incredible. How did you get such a sexy body?” he said, half asking, half complimenting.

He hoisted her ass up onto the small sink vanity, he placed one hand on the back of her neck and eased her body back on to the mirror. The other hand he used to guide her legs apart to make room for him in between.  Marissa was craving his touch, every place his hands moved left her skin on fire. The anticipation of him being inside of her was driving her over the top. She moved her hips closer to his body and raised her legs up to his shoulders, he responded by giving her all the girth and length she had been longing for.

The passionate kisses and surprise rendezvous  had  her soaking wet but the lack of recent penetration had made her slit tighter and harder for his thickness to easily push into. His head pushed her lips apart and she could hear his deep breathing and hard swallowing  as he felt her tight walls collapse around his dick and make it harder for him to plow into. Marissa grabbed his neck and laid a trail of kisses  starting at his collar bone up to his ear.

She softly whispered in his ear, “Am I wet enough for you?”

He could only muster a head nod.

Marissa clenched her walls around his dick tighter as he moved rhythmically in and out of her “Am I tight enough for you?” He let out a grunt. The dirty talk was her favorite aspect of sex, but she could sense it was getting him closer to orgasm than she was ready for.

“Damn that!” she thought. Marissa quickly pulled away from him and stretched her hands out to push him up against the opposite wall.  As he staggered back, with a puzzled look, she sank down to her knees.

Letting him enter her mouth she was slowing the pace down, surely halting any oncoming orgasms and if that didn’t do it, the firm grip she had on the base of his shaft would definitely keep it at bay.

His manhood just wouldn’t stop growing in her mouth, she knew she had to change positions again. His large basketball hands were practically covering his entire face but Marissa could detect the ecstasy spreading all over him, the way he was reacting with each swallow and lick let her know he was all hers.

She released him from her mouth, his eyes flung open with a quizzical look of sadness and despair. With a sly tempting smile she leaned back on the sink and spread her legs wide for him to interpret what she wanted from him next.  He grabbed each thick thigh in his hands and laid a trail of kisses from one thigh to the next, he lightly grazed her lips which made her entire body shudder.  The rough texture of his scruffy beard coupled with softness of his lips and tongue brought her to a quick climax. She grabbed the back of his head and squirted in his mouth, it took him by surprise.

His dark brown eyes peered up from between her thighs, Marissa reached down to caress his face and said “Oh, I’m sorry baby, I didn’t tell you I was coming” with a huge grin spread across her face.

“Mmmmmmmm” was all she heard next, he was buried between her thighs and was focused on making that happen again. He was nothing if not easy to coach, he delivered the next two orgasms in rapid succession.

She rain her fingers through his hair and pulled his face up to hers plunging her tongue deep in his mouth as their lips touched. She could taste her sweetness and smell her juices still lingering in his beard. This furthered the level of excitement as she bite gently on his bottom lip. He loved it. She pulled her mouth from his and gestured for him to sit on the closed toilet seat. He obliged and Marissa assumed the straddling position that landed them in this very bathroom just moments ago.  This time her perky nipples bobbed up and down at his eye level and his huge hands grabbed at her back and waist. He didn’t stop until he landed his hands in her curly long hair that hung past her shoulders. His slight tug on her hair made her ride him harder and faster. She could feel his intense stares and the feeling was more than just being inside her pussy.

She rode his dick hard and soft, fast then slow, she rode his tip for several strokes and descended quickly down on his shaft he could no longer hold back after she came down hard on his shaft.  After the initial elation wore off he looked shocked after realizing he had cum in her, she tenderly stroked the side of his face again “I’m on the pill” and heard  his exhalation.

Marissa didn’t want this feeling to end.  “Trust me, it will be at least an hour before we can continue” he said when he saw the look in her face.

“So are you telling me No?” she asked.

He laughed and said “If I could, trust me baby I would”.

“So if I can get it back up, we are good?” she asked, knowing the answer and not waiting for a response.

Her hips started moving to a beat only she could hear, the grinding on him was driving her into a frenzy again. She locked eyes with him and he simply stared back at her amazed at the way his body was responding to her touch.  The friction made her already engorged clit send waves of pleasure through her body, she was preparing to orgasm again. The warm liquid spraying from her along with watching her sensually dance and grind on him made him ready in less than the hour recovery he swore by.

This time she wanted it rougher and harder, so she stood with her back to him, he pushed her cheeks apart and slid in between her. Grabbing a fist full of curls, he watched  every sign of ecstasy wash over her face in the mirror and her round soft ass ripple after each one of his powerful thrusts. They could both feel this orgasm coming on a lot faster than previous ones. Once her walls began to contract she could not hold back her soft and breathy moans, he no longer was able to hold on to the pending climax.

As they came together, he collapsed onto her back.  He held onto her as his orgasm ripped through his body, she could feel his heavy breathing in her ear and smell the mingling of their scents.

“I’m sorry babe, I couldn’t hold out any longer. No woman has ever made me come that close together, that was really intense.”

Marissa chuckled, “You are more than fine, I don’t believe I had that much left in me”.

“Are you ok? Do you need me to do anything?” he asked.

“No” she replied “I’m just going to clean myself up a bit. Maybe you should go out first.”

He nodded in agreement, zipped his pants and exited the bathroom to take his seat. She quickly cleaned herself, sprayed the bathroom with her perfume to try and mask the scent of sex wafting about. She exited the bathroom and walked down the opposite aisle so as not to arouse suspicions, but the looks that greeted her as she walked let her know that extra effort was not needed. As she took her seat, he shot her a sly smile. The rumbling in her tummy made her remember the snacks she’d saved and pulled them out. She held out the snacks to him and he looked at her as if she had saved him from starvation. He pulled the snacks out of her hand and grasped it tightly. As they ate their post coital snack, they resumed their previous cuddling position and fell back into their synchronized slumber. Not before Marissa thought to herself, “I guess I can check Paris off the bucket list. I have most certainly done Paris!” she giggled and snuggled deeper into her lovers embrace.

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  • I love that ATS was name checked in this story 🙂 And the description of ‘Paris’? Hmmmm. He sounds totally hot. Well done Kamilah

  • I was tickled that ATS was mentioned in here too, of course!

    Hot dawg! This was an amazing read. ‘Paris’ was so brave to take that sort of initiative. What if Marissa had said “Dude. I’m PEEING. Git outta here!”
    Totally hot. I’m waiting for AM and the HIV/condom brigade to voice their horror in 5…4…3…2…

  • I’m yet to read the story but boy did my heart burst when I saw Daughters of Swallow mentioned!!

    Client your books are going to go places you just watch.

  • Such detail! I felt as if I was sharing in the experience with ‘Paris’!!!!! Marissa is the woman we all wish we could be….even if its only for moment!

  • Sure it was a greatly Paris experience!

  • Good gracious me! I’ve just come from church and decided to read this! I think the Pearly Gates done closed on me.

    I was Marissa while reading this. Father forgive me.

  • Kamilah — Great writing – sex on a plane, thousands of feet above land -I’m thrilled you eliminated that warning; ‘(these are trained professionals) please don’t try this’ – now I want to try it! 😉
    Awesome, how you weaved ATS in your story.

  • Everytime I fly and I take a bathroom break,I can’t help but wonder how people are able to have ‘hot’ sex in that cubicle I can hardly turn myself around and feel claustrophobic.(I always fly economy so that’s where I’m speaking from).
    The idea of romanticizing airborne sex has never appealed to me.
    Beautiful writing skills tho and I like the daughter’s of swallows that was incorporated in it.

  • I am her…and she is me! I’m ready for my own paris experience! Great read w/ vivid details.

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