Pleasure is …

Pleasure is…

a worthy aspiration. 

deserves to be a guaranteed yes

i always have time for pleasure

Pleasure is…


self love, also

the highest manifestation of the human essence

Pleasure is…

having my nipples painted

as everyone watches

the feel of the brush

the cold of the paint

a slight shivering

keep it slight

keep that rush of pleasure to myself

because my audience

has not yet earned the right to see me… free

in that way

you wish you could see me that way

Pleasure is…

when Frank Ocean said, “why see the world, 

when you’ve got the beach… 

the sweet life”

(an excerpt from Thinkin Bout Me)

“my heart swells in anticipation

my mind captures the present moment 

saves that as a new memory

my soul sits back to wallow in this new perfect moment

I deserve beauty

I deserve new memories”

Pleasure is…

new place

new people, hence

new sex interests

new webs of connection

*naughty whisper

ati who’s fucking who?

doesn’t matter to me


Pleasure is…

the long game

like one wise bitch once said, 

a person is only unavailable when they’re dead

(an excerpt from Clown Shit) 

“horny is a bad place to be

especially horny to the point where fucking yourself is not enough 

this kind of horny is when my clown comes out to play

it’s the little things,

like dancing with her, she pulls me close and whispers, can you let me lead?

or we’re hugging goodbye, he presses his dick against me, holds me a few moments longer

or eye contact, 

such a sly way to send sexually charged messages

be brave boo, 

follow through

let me take you home with me”

Pleasure is…
growing up 

choosing me

and defining home on my own terms

(an excerpt from My Long-Distance Works

“my physical manifestation of a place where I’m free to be me,

where I’m wanted because I exist

our love is aware of what’s real

our lives are full and our dreams are big

her path is hers

mine is mine”

(an excerpt from Forever Bae <3)

“feels like home

like a reunion with a past self

if home is people, i am home

if home is many places, i am one of them

if ‘home’ is just another societal farce,

then i am homeless right with you”

(an excerpt from A World Is Ending)

“endings are hard

beginnings are beautiful

i see warm sunny days

green endless fields

happiness & freedom


in this new world you can call me,

Naba the Fucking Goddess”

Pleasure is…

having all my special lover friends

know that all they need to do 

is come to me

best life looks like-

i exist 

and they come

and then i come #ifyouknowyouknow

Pleasure is…

that reunion of lovers

splashes of anxiety, 

fear of abandonment, 

all washed away by


(she’s so fucking fine, and we look so good together)


(it’s been so fucking long)


(she makes me want to stand on every rooftop and shout out loud “I’m so gay!!!”)

i miss me some queer joy

(an excerpt from Queer Joy)

“you make me want to be brave

brave like

let’s fuck-this-shit snap and fall in love with each other

let’s fuck-this-shit snap and fall in love anyway

everything ends anyway

i want to be brave

so let’s go

let’s get our joy”

Pleasure is…


all to myself

(some reunions are endings and that’s ok)

(an excerpt from Sunset)

“oh Sunset

lips so sweet

dick so bomb

chemistry so good

but fails to see past

the fear of catching feelings

where authentic human connection lies

can’t you see, sunset?

the fear of catching feelings is a construct of the patriarchy”

Pleasure is…
the fall of the patriarchy

god let me live to see the day when we light the fire that burns everything down

Pleasure is…

not needing to know the whole story

now is all that matters 

our lives are way too big 

and way too complex

to fit into every conversation 

with every lover

may we live to never explain ourselves again

to anybody

Pleasure is…

spending time talking endlessly with Forever Bae <3

(another excerpt from Forever Bae <3) 




exciting levels of insanity

sweet, sweet lips

forever as in-

she’s my favorite person to see everyday,

my whole being lights up with delight when i open my door and it’s her

and when she’s not there, I notice

forever as in-

soak up the breeze

smoke up some trees

un-holy crabs

road tripping

shrooms tripping

i bet you these niggas can’t swim

a revolutionary mix of facing our demons and drinking them into oblivion

everything is everything’

…and other stories

acid, molly

pink pills

yellow pills

staying lifted

(we’ll never tell)

forever as in-

love like this has no ending”

Pleasure is…

performing this poem with all my lovers in the room

euphoric harmony

Pleasure is…

quoting myself over and over again

knowing that my words will live forever

right up there with bell hooks, Mona Eltahawy, Khalil Gibran & Rumi

Pleasure is…

poetry over prose



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