Adventures, Support ‘Accra Goes Red’

Ghana has a problem with our blood stocks. We just do not have enough blood stored to meet our needs, and at this time of the year when road accidents tend to be higher than ever people die needlessly. There is an easy fix though…or rather a fix that should be easy in theory. Blood donations. The average healthy individual can donate a pint of blood, and within a few days this blood will be naturally replenished. More importantly this donation of blood can mean the difference between life and death to another human being.

Blogging Ghana, a network of bloggers in Ghana/who blog about Ghana have been supporting the Accra blood centre’s blood drives for a while, and now ‘Adventures’ is also trying to do our bit. I am sure I do not need to point out the links between blood and sex/sexualities. Everybody gets it right? So tomorrow Malaka and I will woman a stand at the New Southern Area Blood Centre, Indafa Park, which is behind the Electricity Corporation of Ghana in Korle Bu. We will be there from 12-2pm, and available for general chit chats, sharing tips and techniques on blogging, holding your hand whilst you give blood, talking about Malaka’s book ‘Daughters of Swallows’…generally there to support the event. The dress code for this event is red. I’ll be in my red dress. Come dressed in red, and give blood to save a life.

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