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BCShe looked down at her phone notification and saw that she missed his call. She excused herself from her lunch date to quickly return his call knowing he would not leave a message.

“Hey you” she said when he answered.

“Yo, it’s flooding by my house so I won’t make it there right now. I’ll see you tonight, ok?” he told her.

She knew that when he spoke it wasn’t a question.  He was merely informing her of the details of their proposed encounter.

She still liked to act as if she had a say in the plan. “I may not be available tonight, what time are you thinking?”

He was silent on the other end. She didn’t know if she had pissed him off.  He gave her a gruff laugh turned into a grunt of sorts.

“Later. I’ll let you know, I’m working.” And with that he was off the line. No good bye, no pleasantries. He was rough with her. He handled her like no man had ever done.
Marisa was not impervious to men’s advances she just was not easily moved by them. For her affections, a man would have to put forth maximum effort and it was usually the effort that repelled her. They would say or do silly things and in essence give away all of their power in the pursuit of her. It was easy to lose interest once she saw how attracted to her the men were. It was a game few men ever won. Ray never once tried to woo her. It wasn’t necessary; the attraction was instant, mutually.

In her first 15-second exchange with Ray, she locked eyes with his, she could see passion, desire, and wanting all in his eyes, all. She walked past him, never once turning her head to see if he was still looking, and calmly whispered to her friend, “That’s my new man”. Her girlfriend laughed, but Marissa knew  he told her everything in that one stare. There were few people that made impressions on her so quickly, but she was never wrong about them. Whenever she encountered an automatic “YES” it was pointless to try and deny them. They would wiggle their way into her life somehow.

It was 3:30 am, she had been up hours listening to the soft breathing of her girlfriend sleeping beside her. She could not sleep. She tried showering, washing her hair, counting sheep, she had even climaxed in the shower to ensure she would get to sleep, yet nothing worked. Ray was going to call, she knew it but she wanted to sound sleepy when he did. She did not want him to think she was up all night waiting on his call. That just reeked of desperation.

She did not need him, she had not even wanted him. He locked eyes with her.  She was not looking for any new man.  The  man she had recently released was enough to sideline her for a while. She was sitting this one out,  She was too busy helping her girlfriends find men, after all the purpose of the trip was to be surrounded and supported by her sister friends.  She was content with being the perfect wing woman. But as the saying goes, ‘when you’re not looking you find.’

Her phone vibrated and lit up, it was a text from Ray. “Come downstairs. Bring a few towels.” Before the text was fully read, she hurriedly threw on a long black maxi dress, that exposed her entire back, that was obvious to anyone looking that she had nothing on underneath it.

She stepped out from the hotel into the cool night air and the ocean breeze sent goose bumps up and down her arm. He was inside his shining white BMW with the engine running. She opened the door and sat down, he greeted her with a half smile and hug.

“You’re cold?” but as in true Ray fashion it was not a question, he turned on her seat warmers and adjusted the heat for her side.

“Yeah a bit, I think it’s just the breeze” she replied heaving her chest to showcase her  erect nipples underneath the thin cotton dress.

She felt him looking over her body, which made them even harder and sent her stomach into flips.  Ray never once complemented Marisa, he just watched her like a hawk. Or as in this case, he touched something she was wearing with a single finger and smiled at her. This time it was her ring, a gold emerald ring surrounded by diamonds that she wore on her pointer finger, a gift that she cherished. Ray had great taste. Blushing she slipped it off her finger and slid into her purse.

“It’s a very special gift from my sister. She gave it to me for Christmas and I rarely take it off”. Marissa did not like the idea of Ray knowing anything about her real life. This was a fling, a vacation lay with no attachments. She chastised herself for even mentioning a family. It was fine that Ray shared details of his life but Marissa wanted to remain a mystery. She thought  their exchange would be easier that way.

The car came to a stop in an empty parking lot and he came to the passenger side to open the door. As she slid out, he went to the trunk of the car to grab a bottle of wine and change from his Jordans into a pair of flip flops.

“Do you need your purse?” again this was not a question to Ray as he stretched out his hand for her to hand the purse over.

He closed the trunk, locked the car, took the towels from her hand and walked beside her to the beach.  The sea air felt amazing running through her still damp hair and helped cool down the current fire running through her thighs and up to her labia.

Ray guided her to a spot on the cool sand and came close to her. She thought this would be their first kiss. He only handed her the other side of the towel and asked her to help him lay it on the ground.  After the towels were laid out, Marissa laid face down on the far end of the towel, and turned her back to the ocean and to Ray. Ray playfully slapped her ass and it went to jiggling like crazy.

“OUCH! Why did you do that?”

“It’s rude to turn your back to your company.”

He was right but she had to conceal her heart beating out of her chest. As she turned around, he handed her the bottle of wine he had opened.

“So you just want me to put my mouth on it like this” she asked.

“Well I forgot cups and if you want some, that’s how you’re going to have to drink it” he said.

Marissa did a chuckle and let her full lips cover the opening of the bottle, Ray’s eyes were glued to her mouth. After swallowing she pulled the bottle from her lips.  She had a confession to tell him.

“You make me very nervous” she said.

Ray acted as if he didn’t hear a word. He covered her entire mouth with his. The kiss was completely unsuspected and deep. His tongue probed her mouth and consumed her.  She had truly never been kissed like this, by anyone. He kissed her like he wanted to be more than inside of her mouth. Ray finished penetrating her mouth and disappeared down to the hem of her skirt. Marissa was no virgin but this was an all new experience for her. Ray was clearly in control and it was futile to put up a fight.

Marissa leaned back on her arms and gazed up at the night sky, with the stars, moon and city lights all lit up. The black of the night collided with the black of the sea till it was impossible to decipher where one began and the other one stopped. The salty cool air was teasing her toes, nipples and lips that were now exposed to the night air. Ray had made quick work of pushing her dress up to her thighs.  Every place his warm mouth licked and kissed was now being met with a sweet salty breeze.  Her legs betrayed her, shaking erratically. Her heaving chest betrayed her.  The sound of her breathing was so loud she knew he could hear it. Every grind of her hips was met with more of his tongue. The contact of his lips on hers was intoxicating. His hands were grasping at her meaty thighs, spreading them wide so he could dive between them, then when she thought she would climax, he stopped.  Ray began to kiss behind her knee caps, her inner thighs, he kissed the soft skin that connected her legs to her pelvis, no man had ever paid her body that much attention, she was not sure she had ever paid her body that much attention.  His tongue was masterful at this game.  It was as if he knew her anatomy before now, like he had a lesson in pleasing her.

Her upper body lost all control, her lower had given way long before. She was unaccustomed to losing control, it felt nice. Ray was running the show and Marissa did not mind, she even liked it. Every thought that entered her mind, stopped and retreated with every exhale of pleasure. She saw a man stop running to stare at them but she ignored him. Ray was not concerned, so neither was she. She ignored everything, just like the thoughts in her head saying ‘no’.  A vote had been taken, her lips, hips, spine, and all parts in between vetoed her head. It was mutiny.  , She had no choice but to acquiesce.

Ray scooped her off her back into his lap, full frontal. Face to face. He was intense and deliberate with everything he did: his kiss, touch, manner of speaking. The look in his eyes made her avert eye contact, she had to.

“Stop looking at me like that” she pleaded with him.

She dropped her dress to give him a new view.  The unveiling of her breast allowed him to devour each nipple.  He managed to twirl his tongue around each one while enveloping her entire mass in his mouth. Teasing and flicking and pulling nipples between his finger tips and lips. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. She could feel him pressing against her, her wetness turning his boxers into pliable cotton.  Soon his growing manhood would break free of the boxers.

“Can I taste you?” she whispered close to his ear and breathed in his manly scent.

Ray merely nodded and leaned back to let her have full access to him.   Marissa wanted to please him as thoroughly as he had done to her. She wanted to let him know how much she enjoyed him. She licked every inch of him before allowing him to enter her mouth. She could hear his audible gasp as she slid her hands up and down his shaft and moved her mouth in unison.  Her sucking and slurping had him aroused almost to his point of climax. Marissa did not want him to finish anywhere but inside of her.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked.

“In my car, I do” he said.

She stopped immediately, the look on her face was complete shock, “why hadn’t he brought the condom from the car?” He leaned over and kissed her deeply.

“It’s ok, we’ve got to go anyways” he stated smugly .

Marisa was astonished she could not think of any man that she knew that was fine with stopping this far into things and not trying to go further.

As they packed up their belongings she said “Sorry about your blue balls” half teasing, half serious.

“I don’t have blue balls” he said.

She was shocked, “Well, shit, that makes 1 of us”.

The ride back was quiet with light music playing and Ray rambling on about how he had to take his son to school in the morning and he needed to get a few hours of sleep. Marissa paid little mind to what was coming out of his lips however she paid very close attention to the way his lips moved, his body adjusting in the seat, every muscle in his arms. His words were lost on her, her mind could only concentrate on the feeling between her thighs.  Saying nothing the entire ride back to the hotel, her pouting was obvious. As they pulled up to the hotel, Marissa hopped out almost before the car came to a stop. Ray jumped out behind her.

“Marissa!” he called sternly being sure to pronounce each syllable of her name.

She slowly turned to face him. He was already around to the passenger side of the car and caught up to her by the time she  completed her rotation on her heels. He gave her a deep hug and kiss.

He locked eyes with her again, “I’ll call you when I leave my son. Pick up your phone.”

“I don’t know… I may be sleep by then” she said.

“Pick up your phone” he said staring deeply into her eyes, voice never wavering. She wiggled out of his bear hug and death stare.

She whispered “I’ll leave a key for you at the desk” as she sauntered off into the hotel, she could feel his eyes burning a hole in her back.



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