Three is definitely not a crowd (Part 2)

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[This is a two part story. Click here to read part 1]

At 6:55pm I walked into the expansive lounge of the Movenpick and turned right towards the ladies toilet. I had always loved those loos. I especially loved the spacious powder room, which were well fitted with stools and huge mirrors. I looked at myself in the mirror. Dark brown eyes stared back at me. I was so glad I had been to my favourite hair salon just a few days earlier. My two strand twists were looking good. I had used my fingers to make a casual part in my hair so that some of the twists fell sideways on my forehead and held the rest up in a ponytail. The gold drop earrings I had chosen to wear was the right side of chic, and my make up was simple – a shimmer of gold on my eyelids, black liner and some blush. I wasn’t a fan of lipstick. Besides that was probably going to be kissed away in a few minutes…I looked at my left wrist. Where had those 5 minutes gone? I took another look in the mirror, smoothed down my favourite black dress and then turned and walked out of the loo towards the lift.

Within a minute I was outside Suite 134. I slid my card into the lock, and felt my stomach churn ever so slightly when I heard the click signifying the door had opened. Oh my goodness, it looks beautiful. There was a path of tea lights ahead of me, and the room smelt of lavender, my favourite fragrance. I followed the lights and turned right towards the bedroom and stopped. Nnenna looked back at me smiling. She looked stunning. She had curled her locs and let it hang loose. Her black negligee was cut deep at the neck and showed off her small perky boobs. She had her favourite red Louboutins on. The contrast of black and red against the white sheets on the bed was a compelling vision. I turned my head to the left and then right. Nnenna laughed. “Are you looking for Kunle? He’s outside on the veranda. He wanted you to relax before he comes in.” I still hadn’t managed to say a word. Nnenna got off the bed and walked towards me. “Come on lets get you nice and chilled”. I followed her to the bathroom. “Do you want some weed?”I shook my head; “No I want to be sober tonight” which triggered another laugh from Nnenna. “Good for you” she said as she reached for the joint lying by the sink. I took off my dress revealing the see through body suit I had worn underneath. I had wondered briefly if it was too whorish when I wore it a few hours earlier but Nnenna’s reaction told me that I had made the right choice. “Kunle is going to love it”. She held my hand and led me back to the bedroom. “Make yourself comfortable”. I leaned back against the huge pillows and smiled. It felt strange in a good way to be wearing red heels in bed. A decadent kind of good feeling. “Do you need anything?” Nnenna asked. “Wait. My toys.” I grabbed my bag of tricks and placed it on the dressing table next to me. “Are you ready for me to get Kunle?” “Yes I am”.

I heard brief murmurs on the veranda when Nnenna walked out and then I heard the click of the door re-opening. I had always thought Nnenna’s husband was cute but never in a million trillion years had I imagined ending up in this situation with him.  Kunle walked straight to my side of the bed, “Welcome Afua”. I couldn’t help but giggle, “Thanks Kunle”. Nnenna interrupted, “Kunle so you have to remember that the ladies are in charge tonight” as she simultaneously slipped an eye mask on him. I smiled at her and started unbuttoning his trousers as she slipped his t-shirt over his head. Kunle’s body was fine. All those tales Nnenna had told me about her husband being a gym rat were clearly true. I took my time taking off his trousers enjoying the feel of my hands on his firm thighs. I looked up and saw his chest. Damn this man was something else. Nnenna smiled at me, “Do you like my husband’s body?” “I love both your bodies” I responded. She smiled and pushed him down on the bed so that he was lying on his back. She whispered something into his ear and started to kiss him passionately. I decided to run my hands up and down his thighs some more. I smiled to myself as I felt him relax, and my nerves dissipate. “Would you like a massage Kunle?” He nodded, unable to respond as his mouth was busy with Nnenna’s nipples. I poured some of the massage oil conveniently placed on the bed side drawer into my hands, crouched over Kunle and started kneading his thighs. “Ohhhh that is a beautiful sight. I wish you could see what I can see Kunle. Afua has such a perfect arse, and her tits are bouncing up and down as she is massaging you.” “No you can’t take off your blindfold yet,” Nnenna said as Kunle’s right hand came up to his eyes. “Afua, turn around and sit on Kunle’s face” Nnenna ordered. I was quick to obey, and in a flash Nnenna had moved to sit on Kunle’s thighs alternating between sucking his dick, and reaching over to French kiss me. I couldn’t keep my hands off my tits and rubbed them faster as I felt my orgasm start to build. Nnenna sat back and started to watch and encourage, “That’s it Kunle. You’re doing it for her. Oh my goodness. This is so hot” as her fingers drifted to her pussy. “I’m so fucking wet right now. Suck your nipples Afua”. I obeyed without question as I started to feel the first tremors of a powerful orgasm build from my toes and travel up my body, “Arrrgggghhhhhh”.  “Well done Kunle, now you can take off your blind fold.” I looked up at him and smiled; whilst he reached down to kiss me. “Enough people. Now its time to take care of me”. Simultaneously we both reached for Nnenna but Kunle got to her body first. “You’ve done enough talking tonight wifey. Now turn over and let me fuck you hard just the way you like. Afua, my wife likes to be spanked when I’m fucking her doggy style. Can you handle that whilst I handle my business?”. I couldn’t help but laugh. I could barely believe all my fantasies were coming true in one night. “I would love to” I responded. In the distance I could heard the faint sound of fireworks being set off. The alarm clock on the side of the bed caught my attention. It was only 8:00pm. Tonight was going to be one fun night.

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