MichelAngelo II

Recap of first installment

I smiled to myself.
How long will Kwame and I skirt each other’s emotions?
Then I remembered, he is after all engaged. Was I going to let that stop me? Do you know how my body roars whenever I encounter this man in anyway?
But this feeling of jumping into his arms and devouring him, letting him consume me without knowing what next. That was my problem. I could not deal with the loving and leaving.
I don’t want to just do Kwame, I want to keep him. He is the kind of package that does not come around too often. Too smart, a neat background (call me classist) but it matters! And that dick sweet Jesus! That golden rod!
‘’are you coming?’’
Me: ‘’sorry, something came up, another time babe’’
The thought of his impending marriage was like a slap in the face.
I put my phone on mute, rolled over, sighed and buried my face in my pillow.
You see when I met Kwame, he was single and free and eager for me to lay my seal on him. But I held back, whatever for? Seems silly now.
The next day was a Saturday and I had lunch planned with my girl Zeinab. I could not wait to see her. I was eager to lament this sticky situation to her and hear her advice. She seemed to always know what to say to me to snap me mentally out of sticky emotional situations. She was always logical.
When I got to Zeinab’s house, I called her to meet me at the gate but no, she was still in the shower. So I parked my car, sweet talked their Doberman into recognizing me and went in through the green rusty trap door behind the house.
Zeinab, I called before I got to the hall, a tall male figure stood up and walked towards me… My heart froze…You see, Kwame and my girl Zeinab are cousins. I forgot to mention that bit earlier. Sorry.
Well, here I was, unexpectedly face to face with this magnificence of my ideals.
‘’so you stood me up last night?’’ he boomed.
‘’Dude, wrong place, wrong time, wrong line!’’ Said I
‘’you think?’’ He said with a half smirk.

‘Kwame, ’I am NOT doing this with you!’’
‘’babe, do you realize we are in this for good? You and me? ‘’
‘’You really believe I have no right to decide that I do not want to get in your bed?’’
‘’Honestly if I knew you were this morally uptight, I would never have even bothered with getting to know you’’
O really! This is what this was all about? Sex? I thought we had a good connection?’’
‘’My point exactly! Do we not have a deeper connection than any of the two or three men you have been with?’’ Said he.
I couldn’t believe he was interrogating me because I didn’t get in bed with him, neither could I figure out if he had insulted me and if I should be slapping him for it!!
And that careless reference to how many men I had been with, ha! Was he trying to get the truth out of me? Get me to confess? Impossible!
He was just a despicable beast to me right now and I had no response for him.
Just then Zeinab’s voice filtered into the hall ‘’Aisha, is that you?’’
O dear, did our voices get loud? And was there anyone else in the house? I wondered as I turned right in a welcome escape and run through the corridor to Zeinab’s room.

Kwame wouldn’t let me escape that easy.
He was right on my heels. Half breathing into my ear: ‘’If I leave her, will you be with me? Can you promise??’’



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