‘Sex in the Club’ by Guest Contributor Pam

When you own the club you do not really enjoy the night. So he watched. Motivation had just come on and he saw her, standing or really just dancing by herself, moving to Kelly Rowland’s motivation fluidly, swaying her ample hips to the rhythm. By herself. He moved to her slowly and asked ‘may i dance with you? She looked him over, once, twice because she was checking him out, then nodded assent.

He slipped behind her as she stood there winding her waist. He could feel the sexual heat coming from her, she oozed the kind of sexuality he had not felt in such a long time. And she did it effortlessly. Her moves, the way her head was tilted, her lips spread just a bit. He wanted her. Oh how he wanted her.

He felt her move against his dick, sway her hips just right so he was right on her butt. And she grinded, and winded and moved till he ached. Ached to feel himself between her thighs. He grabbed her waist and moved her to the wall, and he held her waist tightly, ground his hips into her butt and softly humped. He wanted her to feel him get hard for her.

He bent his head to her ear and whispered ‘i want to fuck you’, she grabbed his hand and slipped it beneath her dress and inside her silk panties. He felt her wetness and warmth and moaned. He turned her around, took her hand and walked her out of the club and into his office. Soon as they entered he pushed her against the wall and kissed her, he zipped open her dress and pushed it to the floor.

He tore himself away from her delicious lips and watched her face as he rolled her panties down and spread her legs. He pushed two fingers into her warm inviting pussy. She gasped and moaned as he gently went in and out. He knelt down, and kissed her moist vagina lips, and then sucked. He sucked on her pussy like it was life, maybe it was. He opened her up and stuck his tongue in there, and lapped her juices, he used his index finger to rub her clitoris and felt her buck. She thrashed and moved against his finger as she held his head down to her intimate parts and moaned throatily.

He took his head away and stood up, opened his trousers and dropped them along with his boxers. She watched his dick. That magnificent huge thing and shuddered. She involuntarily thrust her hips to him. Her whole body wanted him to fuck her so bad. He turned her around, bent her down and gently pushed into her hot pussy. And he grunted. It was unbelievable ‘you are amazing’ he said, ‘you are fucking amazing’. She moaned and ground her hips into him for an answer. And he ground back. He moved, ramming into the very end of her while one hand fondled her firm breasts and his slender fingers teased her clitoris. ‘More’ she screamed, ‘harder’ she whimpered. And he listened. Pushed harder and faster into her.

And then stopped. Picked her up and put her on his desk. Knelt again and sucked her wetness. Her inserted his fingers into her pussy and worked her. She moaned and moved and thrashed till finally she jerked and squirted all over him. He bent his head and licked her over. Once. Twice. Then smiled. Stood up and slipped into her again. And he fucked her. Had her screaming as he wildly rammed and pushed himself into his pussy. Again and again. Faster and faster he pumped. And grunted. And she raised her hips to his thrusts, holding his arms and screaming, ‘yes there! There!’ Then he shouted ‘fuck!’ and shuddered as he came in her. He slumped against her as the wave of pure awesome dizziness from sheer exhaustion shook him. His knees couldn’t even support him.

Black couple Having Sex

Pam blogs regularly at http://pamieramie.wordpress.com/ Do check out her writing.


10 comments On ‘Sex in the Club’ by Guest Contributor Pam

  • I wish I had the ability to squirt!

    Hot story. Thanks for contributing to Adventures. I hope we will have many more pieces from you.

  • wow, hot and intense…no condom (with a stranger) is a big no for me.

  • Lol yes herpes is real! But maybe, just maybe its a couple role playing.

  • Sex with a stranger is more common than we are willing to admit. As a guy people think you are a risk taker and just plain crazy. As a woman, well all women are virgins according to society doing something like screwing a guy you don’t know is just not on the agenda. However that cannot be further from the truth.
    Anonymous sex does happen. Met a girl in a club once when I was travelling on business in Kenya. We never said much to each other but she ended up in my room and well everything happened. I remembered most memorable of all a 69 as we lay on top of the rumpled bed with the aircon on at full blast at 16 degrees. It was so cool, the sweat just evaporated. That girl had a mouth like a vacuum cleaner and she drained me and she swallowed. Maybe it was the whisky she tasted like nectar. i woke up she was gone. No note. Nothing. Two days later, I go with a new found Kenyan friend to the mall and there she was pushing a trolley full of groceries with a muscular dark guy with her. We fleetingly glanced at each other and I never saw her again. Every time I am in Nairobi I hopefully go to the same mall to the same supermarket hoping to see her but to no avail. I know what she feels like. I know what she smells like and pushing my dick into her was like swimming in the pools of paradise. Yes I went for a check the next day because in my whisky addled mind I realised we never used a condom as my trusty Rough Riders lay unused. I did another check when I went home. I did another check a month later. You knwo why i curse myself. I never asked her what her name was. We chatted, we held hands, we kissed, we chased each other around the room but we never asked each other our names. The only clue I have is when two years later, my Whatsapp blinked on my phone asking me to add an account and a picture came through. It was of an aroused vagina. I checked the number. Safaricom. Kenya. I called back. No answer. Number unavailable. Once in a while I call the number. I am still clean. No herpes. No HIV. Nothing.

    • Hot! Hot! Hot!

      She swallowed? You should have wifed that one up!

      -To your point of sex without condoms, it happens all the time, true. But to be honest, the times we are living in are dangerous. One day you have big black snake, next day it starts to change color, shed skin, develop pimples. eiiii…

  • I apppreciate the story’s steamyness. Lack of condom use and all.

  • Hot and steamy.. maybe we need to realise that our fantasies don’t have to involve all the safety measures. .. just as long as you separate fantasy from reality.

  • Yes it IS under ‘fiction’ :). I myself always marvel at how the men in these stories thrust, and thrust, and thrust; as hard as they can and take ages to cum :)! Just like in the porns (and they say that stuff is unrealistic). To think these guys are thrusting into real-ass, warm, moist, tight vaginas of real women, who, I assuume, are also gorgeous. For some chaps, that is but a fantasy. All it takes is several pictures of those impossibly hot and voluptuous ebony vixens on the eye candy websites to arouse them almost to the brink. And then a few strokes with your own non-self lubricating hand (not really because I would rather imitate the motions of real sex by gyrating and rubbing against something soft) and if I don’t keep pausing after every two strokes, the nut cums gushing. How’s that for adventures from the bedroom of a black man (I’m writing this from my bed)? I guess those guys have been into hundreds of pussies to be so used to it that they can perform like an insensitive rabbit energizer, or whatever they call it. Just saying… (If you a 2 minute brother say ‘Hear!’

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