Vagina R&B: Queen of Vagina


Adventures is  a space specially curated to foster intellectual discourse amongst us African women on matters dealing with sex and sexuality.  However, this post happens to be anti-the aforementioned. I am writing to promote this our Nigerian sister in her singing ambitions. Please show support and love to Queen of Vagina. After all we have to eat.


Ps:// Nana, forgive me but this is the post that was supposedly brewing in my head.  You can’t fault me for trying.


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  • So it turns out she even competed in the X Factor:

  • lmao….i miss this woman’s videos!!! My roommate and i used to sing along to her videos (much to the dissaproval of our boyfriends) in Uni. You know shes got a video where you see her singing in front of a portrait of herself in a graduation cap and gown? We always used to imagine if, where and when she went to school and what she majored in. Forgive me, but this makes for very good drunken entertainment (and also for making your bf a bit uncomfortable especially if you add her special dance moves where she does the special sharp waist winds) 🙂

  • Hahahah. A.M. you’re a riot. I will be awaiting the post that was brewing in your head. This cannot be it 😛

  • Nana,

    THIS was not it, but it became it. This lady is just my cup of tea!! 🙂 Originally, just wanted to share it with Malaka, since her and I share the same sense of humor, but was like, ya’ll could benefit.

  • Oh AM! You know my taste waaa. LOL! Someone shared this video with me on FB sometime back and I laughed for days. Thank you for giving it new life.


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