Stone adulterous women to death? We say #DownWithBaani

Fellow Adventures, what is going on in our world? Women in Kenya are being stripped in public and in Ghana a member of parliament calls for ‘adulterous women’ to be stoned to death. I was delighted to see today via twitter and in my whatsapps how Kenyan women mobilised today around #MyDressMyChoice. Ayeekoo. Well done. My Ghanaian sisters and I need to come and see Kenyan women for some tips because we have a big problem.

In the meantime please support your Ghanaian sisters by reading and sharing this article I wrote about the reasons why Ghanaian MP Baani should be compelled to resign. If you agree please tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #DownWithBaani and sign the petition to compel the ignoramus to retract his statement.



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  • I signed the petition Nana…such barbaric and misogynistic views can’t be tolerated in our times.

  • Baani is just a DUMB . Yes, I said it, and I MEAN it. Enough with the political correctness. Women’s bodies, actions are heavily policed, sensored, monitored and now in BAani’s case are to be governed! Since he is soooo bright, why didn’t he suggest the same be done to men. Also, while we are on that subject, there are Ghanaians dying daily from curable diseases but because they could not afford the medication, or because the road infrastructure is non existent, they died in transit. My point, Baani there are real matters of concern! Your misplaced and incredulous priorities are not helping in the progression of Ghana. Use your village-esque intellectual ability and visibility to bring change not set Ghana backward.

    And as for the women in parliament, were they elected/nominated to be decorations/wallflowers in those parliament halls. Why didn’t hey speak up on the issue? Or were they being good Chrisian women? Letting religion take over logic? Like c’mon.

    I’m not going to sign the petition because I want the fool to retract his statements. He shouldn’t. He said them, he meant every word. An apology from him would NOT Be sincere. It would be done out of pressure and face saving PR. I’m signing so that Ghanaian women are not policed by uneducated fools making uneducated statements with no basis.

    In Kenya’s case, well done. Bravo!!

    Woosah. Idjots.

  • on the issue of adultery the question arises , with who did she commit the act and where is the Man? yes it is a Man’s world but justice should be for all.

  • AM– Great questions regarding the women MPs. A man of public office says their kind should be ‘put down’ for sex outside marriage and they just sat there – no objections, no counter-arguments , nothing. Eh…because why?

    Nelson Baani, is trying to police women’s sexuality and that makes me mad! As others have pointed out, men commit adultery often – in fact a lot. But no one has demanded their stoning, no one has called for adultery to be made a criminal offence. It is true, an African woman in charge of her sexuality is (considered) a dangerously powerful woman.

    In my country, there is a saying that with paraphrasing and translation reads “the adultery committed by a wife is much worse than that committed by a husband because when she does it, she destroys the home.” Such nonsense!

    Sounds like this Baani chap is trying to make laws against women based on his personal circumstances. No thank you.

    I agree that compelling Baani to apologise will result in a disingenuous and forced apology or non-apology but it will go a long way to showing others (with similar thoughts and sentiments as Baani’s) the inherent wrongness in Baani’s statement and they might think twice before exercising their freedom of expression.

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