‘The Diary Of Juliette And Juliet’ Part 2 by Guest Contributor JoeWackleGH

I couldn’t burn the diary. Three weeks of kelewele every night was what it took to change my mind. You might think of Juliette as a tomboy…wrong…she’s very girly and an ex beauty queen. She wouldn’t wear baggy pants or an oversized T-shirt. Well, maybe an oversized T-shirt after a sleepover in a man’s house which barely happened because she sneaked out of their houses right after they fell into that needed deep sleep after savage rounds of sex.
SHIT! She should have used the opposite road if she knew the police were on this one. She couldn’t hide how nervous she was as the Police flashed their lights on her face and directed her to park. The look in her eyes gave out so much suspicion and fear. She was lucky this night. No hard drug was found after a search…just a wet dildo on the front seat. But that was as far as her luck could get. She was asked to drive on but another police stopped her after he saw blood stains below the breast area of her white tank top. She started shaking; visibly.
“Are you alright?” The police asked
“No. I have a headache and I need to get home for some drugs”
“First offense. No first aid box”
“Where from this blood on your shirt?”
“It was an accident”
“Madam, I beg open your boot”
She was now absent minded, staring at the police, trying hard to drop no clue.
His groin kept hitting her ass as he banged her with her legs raised to his shoulder. He pressed her boobs with his left hand and kept moving her waist to where it’s supposed to be whenever she pushed his abdomen from her. She still asked for more.
“I want more” she moaned
“I’ve run out of dick”
“Just fuck me deeper”
“That will get me into your womb. I have a dick for a ‘dick’ not a beer bottle”
She moaned out of pain and pleasure but the more the pain, the better the pleasure. He pulled out of her and spilled his sperm on floor. She didn’t like condoms. He didn’t like babies.
“Sex is not what I do for a living.” Nii said as he held Juliette’s head back before she could get it down his dick.
“Wow. I never would have figured out” Juliette replied and struggled to get him to fuck her for the 4th time that evening.
“Don’t deny me this, Nii. You set my body on fire”
“Get a cold shower”
“I’m already wet for you”
“You could do with a towel. Help yourself”  he threw her a towel and started dressing up.
Nii was the only man who got Juliette weak and she couldn’t deny the satisfaction he gave her…no girl ever came close. No. He wasn’t a bouncer, obviously not French. She didnt know why she couldn’t get over Nii after the night they met at the pub five months ago; even though his pick up line was a joke about how boring his married life was after Juliette complimented the gold ring on his finger as he picked up his vodka from the bar. There was something cute about Nii she couldn’t pin point. Maybe it was his sense of security and responsibility. Maybe it was how strict he was and made Juliette feel like his 5year old daughter. She needed that kind of man to control her wilder than careful life. She could count the number of times he’s spent nights with her. He was always in a hurry to go home to his wife and children after an orgasm…sometimes twice…when she was lucky, four…like this night.
This is when she missed Juliet. Juliet packed her stuff out of her room this morning after a petty argument over who gets to use the bigger dildo first. There were times they broke up for almost over two months over something as silly as smiling at a girl they met. But they always got back together. Juliette opened a drawer by her bed and brought out a dildo. She started it and played with the tip around her pussy. Her legs were opened wide with her clitoris almost stuck out. Nii wouldn’t need much time to find it with his tongue even with his eyes closed like he always did if he was still interested in the extra marital sex tonight. She inserted two fingers slightly below her clitoris and moaned to get his attention. For an old lesbian, she knew her way around the pussy than fat girls knew about long distance relationships. Her moaning got Nii’s attention and he turned to see her in disgust.
“Jesus Christ” he said
“Have some respect for that name. This is not a decent scene”
He struggled with her for the dildo. She wasn’t ready to lose a dick just when she thought she could do with more strokes and lose a sex toy which won’t deny her. She ran out of the room naked while he chased her. She was enjoying the chase. He caught up with her on the balcony upstairs at the entrance of her bedroom. She pushed him off with so much force. No. It was just a game she thought. She was enjoying every bit of it. Nii fell from the stairs and hit his head against the tiles. Juliette ran down still with her dildo in her hand. Tried getting Nii to open his eyes but was futile. She dragged him through his blood to her car, opened the boot and put him there.  Ready to start the car, she realised something wasn’t right. Yes! The whole night wasn’t right but she wasn’t going to drive out of the house naked. She ran back into her room and wore a tank top over booty shorts, picked her phone and ran out to the car. She wasn’t ready to go to jail. No sane person ever is; no…Michael Scofield had a mission…she didn’t. She wasn’t ready to live that facebook life. Write on walls. Get poked annoyingly by people you don’t know. Not even the thought of same sex sex could make her feel good…she had a lot of that with freedom. She started driving with no clue where to but whatever happened, she was determined not to return home with the dead man she’s been fucking less than twenty minutes ago.
“Madam, I beg open the boot” the police ordered again.
She snapped out of flashback still staring at the police in the eyes trying hard to drop no clue. No. She didn’t say a word to the police. She didn’t even think of bribing the police, maybe it all ends here for her. Maybe it was a  nightmare. She closed her eyes as tears flowed down her left eye. She opened her eyes and put her hand on her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She couldn’t believe it. Nii’s body wasn’t there. She could swear on the crucifix around her neck she put the dead man in her boot. The police told her she could leave. She sat in her car and looked at the dildo on the front seat, picked it up and threw it under the seat…and drove off.
“Maame wei abodam” one police said and the rest laughed.
She heard the police, well, he could be right. She probably is insane. She still couldn’t believe a thing of what has happened on the longest night of her life. She could blame it on rapture if she were hyper religious.
She drove straight to my house, ran into my room and hugged me so tight. That was unusual. She told me everything that happened within the past two hours or less. We sat through the night and didn’t realize it was Saturday morning already. I believed her. I gave her some tissue…
“Here, cry some more. You’ll be good” I said
“I killed him. I killed him” she cried
“You didn’t Juliette. He’s alive. Go take a shower and get some breakfast”
“What if he reports to the police? I will go to jail for attempted murder”
“You won’t”
“I hate men. I always get into trouble with them. What is wrong with a girl masturbating. I blame him”
“Women never take blame for anything”
“What did you say?”
I lied. I didn’t want to start an argument with a woman. I’d rather stake lotto with my phone numbers. There’s a higher probability of winning. She picked her diary from my table and started writing. Someone knocked on my door…the knock continued violently. I was expecting no visitor.
“Who’s there?” I asked
“Police” a masculine voice responded from outside
“What the Fuck!”  Juliette whispers almost inaudibly and drops the diary. The diary of Juliette and Juliet
Photography Nana Kofi Acquah
Photography Nana Kofi Acquah

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