‘The Diary Of Juliette And Juliet’ Part 3 by Guest Contributor JoeWackleGH

Someone knocked on my door…the knock continued violently. I was expecting no visitor.
“Who’s there?” I asked
“Police” a masculine voice responded from outside
“What the Fuck!” Juliette whispers almost inaudibly and drops the diary. the diary of Juliette and Juliet
He banged the door again. I stood still not knowing what to do. This was a single room apartment and the only place she could hide was in my closet but we all knew she was already out of the closet. I didn’t spend this much time to think but this was a matter of life and death…the death had already happened. This is where I save a life. I held the doorknob and looked at Juliette…

A police broke the door open, as if we screamed for help in a fire outbreak. He knew who he was after and exactly what to do. He went straight for Juliette and cuffed her wrist, escorted her outside into a police van and drove away. I followed them to the police station but I couldn’t bail her out on a weekend. She had two night to spend there. I spent my entire weekend there…not seeing her but I couldn’t get myself to go home while she was locked up behind bars. I kept wondering what the headlines would be on Monday; Ex beauty queen convicted of murder…writer, socialite  and actress wannabe goes down. That wouldn’t be a bad title…she’s probably down on someone by now.
The judge hit his gavel after the final verdict. She’s been sentenced to life in prison. She’s guilty. Nii’s family had a better lawyer.  I wondered how a 26year old girl had to spend her entire life in jail. She made me feel I worry too much, at this stage she knew her fate and wasn’t worried, or so she made it seem. She was ushered in the old Black Maria that was waiting to take them to the prison. Four other girls were in the car with her. They looked like they usually spent their holidays in jail, but for this 21year old girl.
The 21year old girl poisoned her boyfriend after she caught him in bed with another person…another person was a guy. Juliette got to know about this unasked. This girl talked too much for a prisoner.
“I feel good about it, at least the son of a bitch is resting in pieces…in hell” Baaba said
Juliette clearly wasn’t interested in her story. She actually felt disgusted. When they got to the prison, with their wrists still cuffed, they matched in a file like Gey Hey girls at interco into a room where they were asked to strip naked and inspected. Her favorite part was when she had to open her legs for the warden to check if she had hidden nothing in her pussy. She wished her hand had stayed there longer.
She didn’t know this big girl who clearly looked like a bully but she sure as death didn’t like her and wasn’t ready to ask herself why.  The girl walked to Juliette;
“Hi…I’m Selasie and…”
Everyone looked at Juliette like she just signed her death warrant. No one ever disrespected Selasie but Juliette didn’t care. All she cared about was how to stay happy in jail for the rest of her life and that included indiscriminate sex. She was determined to have one tonight. The talkertive who killed her boyfriend is her target.
Juliette moaned pushed the girl’s head down her with her toes coiled, it was her turn to cum after making the girl have multiple orgasm with just her tongue and fingers. She usually used dildos but if she was going to survive here, she had to master the art of fingering. She moaned so loud in the silent of the night, a warden walked and banged on their cubicle…she banged louder…
…Police also banged on my door and brought me to reality out of my imaginations. I still hadn’t open my door but still held on to the doorknob while I looked at Juliette. I opened the door and a man entered
“Boss, I beg I bring your morning papers oo” he said
Wow. It was Police.  He brought me newspapers every Saturday morning. We all called him Police because he had the most awkward stories about the Ghana Police. Initially, he didn’t like the name but eventually gave in to it. You couldn’t choose what you wanted to be called in this hood.
We were relieved. It wasn’t funny but we made jokes out of that to lighten the atmosphere. Juliette’s phone rang. A call from an unknown number. I picked it and put it on loud speaker.
“Hello Juliette. This is Juliet. I’m calling from the Central Police station”
“Babe, what are you doing there?” Juliette asked
“I got arrested for something you did”
Juliet moved into the boys’ quarters by the gate after the quarrel with Juliette. She saw Nii enter the house. And an hour later, Juliette dragged Nii through his blood to her car, opened the boot and put him there….she was naked. She ran back into her room. Juliet also run from the boys’ quarters and removed Nii from the boot. Even though she was mad at Juliette, she knew the police were on patrol this night and will not allow Juliette drive out with a dead man in her car. Juliette ran out again and drove out of the house. Juliet had a plan. She woke at 3am to get rid of Nii’s body. She put him in her car’s boot and drove out of the house. She felt stupid now. The police were at her junction, there was a crime scene that dawn, a family had been robbed and two shot dead. Too late; she couldn’t reverse. The police stopped her and asked her to open her boot. She just made her hand available for the handcuff and was drove to the police station. She spent her early morning there and Juliette is the first person she called when she got a police officer’s phone.
“…so that happened” Juliet said
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve not seen Nii in two weeks” Juliette lied
“Don’t do this Juliette. I did what I did because I love you and tried to save you from the police last night.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m sorry”
“Juliette, I love you”
Juliette ended the call and wept. She knew exactly what Juliet was talking about. She saved her life. She saved her. But she was not ready to trade her freedom for love. She loved Juliet but love wasn’t enough. There’s more to life than love. She can’t go to jail. She was on her own. She had a book in her diary to publish. the diary of Juliette and Juliet.
Photography Nana Kofi Acquah
Photography Nana Kofi Acquah

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  • Hahahaha. I like this writers imagination

  • Alright now that ending didn’t make sense. If Juliet knew that the police were on patrol that night then why did she take the risk upon herself to go out that very same night with the dead body in her trunk?

    I must say Part 2 and 3 weren’t anything like what Part 1 promised. Which is a shame because I really liked where Part 1 was heading.

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