Guest Post from Toksyk – Anaconda

Have you ever clicked on a stranger’s DP on Twitter and just gasp out loud at the greatness of the lord…well that is exactly what happened to me the first time I saw Luqman’s picture over a year ago. I don’t think I ever pressed the follow button as quickly as I did that day and praise Jah he followed me back. We interacted on and off for a while, moved into the DMs and finally exchanged details. He had the best skin I had ever seen on a man with reddish-brown complexion from his half Igbo and half Fulani mixture, he was tall and told me he felt his most unappealing feature was his bowed legs but personally I actually find that kinda cute. In short his parents had no business bringing a boy that looks this good into the world because his kind of fineness should be illegal!

But he was so humble about his good looks and would genuinely blushed whenever his looks came up, all the girls in Port Harcourt were after him but he was in a committed (as committed as a Nigeria guy can be that is) relationship with one smallie like this in Lagos. Anyways we became really great friends offline, friends who often fantasised about all the naughty kinky things we would do to each other should we get the opportunity to meet in person. He sent me a nude over email one time at work and I won’t lie seeing the ‘anaconda’ that was laying between his thighs got me so excited I had to quickly go into toilets and masturbate to images of that gorgeous beast inside of me. Yup I got dickmatised from that first picture!

Well the chance to finally have that dick in the real sense is just around the corner and all the nerves in my body have been tingling since this plane took off from Lagos. I had thought that the journey would be just under an hour and thankful that Aero did not have any delays but unbeknownst to me the flight was going to Port Harcourt via Enugu! Luqman was already waiting for me at the hotel when I called him from Enugu and he sounded just as disappointed as I felt. He had offered to pick me up from the airport but I told him I would take a taxi as truth be told I couldn’t be sure that I would be able to control myself even in such a public place. Finally we landed in Port Harcourt and as I had only my carry-on luggage I was off the plane and out of the airport in records time. The taxi he had ordered for me was already waiting to whisk me off to the hotel. I started to fantasise about what it would be like to finally lay eyes on him and kiss those lips of his that before I knew it my fingers had found their way into my throbbing pussy and I was moaning softly enough to cause the driver to brake suddenly. I looked at him through the rear mirror and gave him a wink. Thankfully we were at the hotel, I gave him the fare with a further tip.

I knew Luqman was waiting for me in room 705 so I did not bother to go to the reception and made my way straight there, the plan was for me to call him when I was five minutes away but my daydreaming had meant that didn’t happen. My heart was pounding so loudly as I knocked on the door that I was sure he would have heard it even from the other side. Luqman did a double take when he opened the door and his adorable brown eyes got even wider with a mixture of lust and genuine happiness in his eyes. We stood there for a few minutes not speaking simply letting our eyes say all the things our mouths were unable to say. Finally he pulled me into the room pushing me gently against the closing door his lips descended on mine. Instinctively my hands grabbed hold of his cleanly shaved bald head and we started to kiss with a hunger that seemed likely to consume us both.

Whilst still kissing me, Luqman started to unbutton my shirt dress and took it off to expose my red lacy Ann Summers underwear set, call me old school but I believed in the appeal of a matching pair of pants and bra. Clearly Luqman was a man who appreciated such fine touches from the impressed way he glanced me all over. He lifted me up and walked over to the bed like he was carrying a piece of feather before laying me down and proceeded to unwrap me to my birthday suit before going to town on my pussy. His tongue on my clitoris took me straight to heaven and back, he sucked and licked up all my juices whilst his thumb worked me up to such a frenzy I nearly cried real tears! After he was sure I was truly satisfied and had cum several times, he brushed his head through my pussy because I had told him I would love to see and lick my pussy juice glistening all over his bald head which is exactly what I did and boy oh boy this drove him wild. After I had licked all my cum off his face and head, he stood up and proceeded to undress himself all the while holding my gaze and both of us still not uttering a word. The ‘anaconda’ was even more of a beauty to behold in person than the pictures I had seen, it was lean but long and curved right at the tip and I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me. As if reading my mind, Luqman sheathed his beast with a condom and came to lay on the bed turning me sideways he began to use his hands to really explore my body with the throb of his dick pressing against my hips. Then he covered my lips and kissed me passionately as I arched up my legs and butt to enable the lips of my pussy to connect and receive him inside of me. I was not disappointed, his dick fitted into me with such ease like a hand entering a glove. I start to move my hips needing so much to feel his thrusts and have him fuck me just as I had imagined to which he obliges gliding his length in and out fucking me faster as we moved together in sync.

After a while Luqman slide out of me placing a pillow at the crotch of my back, he pushed my legs up high over my shoulders then shoved his dick into back into my pussy, he started to pound into me deeper and deeper fucking me so fast that the bed started to rattle. At this point my screams got louder and manic as I literally was in pain from his pounding but goddamn I didn’t want him to stop. His lips descended on mine to stop me singing and I bit his bottom lips as I felt his dick move from side to side of my pussy. Still I wanted him deeper and I started to gyrate and push up my hips to meet his strokes until we were both screaming with delight before climaxing together.

He looked at me smiling and said ‘Hi’ and I laughing said ‘hello to you too’ and that was the beginning of what will be one of the best fuck weekend of my life.

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