Miami: Say nothing

The announcement came over the cabin, “The local time is 7:35 pm. The current weather is 83 degrees. If you are catching a connecting flight, the gate agent will provide you with the updated gates. If this is your final destination, Welcome to Miami. Thank you flying Delta.”

The sound of the announcement woke her from her quick nap. She pulled out her cell phone and it immediately came to life with the missed notifications from the hour and a half flight. They were all from one person, Ray.

Somebody is happy to see me.” she thought to herself.  Opening the messages they revealed that he had already checked into the hotel room for her and left a key at the desk. He also arranged a car service for her because he would not be at the airport to pick her up.

As promised the car service was waiting for her as she walked outside the terminal.   She was greeted with the signature warm ,muggy, Miami climate. She slid in the back of the town car and began to replay the last few months of her interaction with Ray.

Ray rarely elaborated, he was succinct and to the point. This always played with her mind. She was his polar opposite, she wanted to share, talk, and divulge life secrets.

She asked him once, “One day when you’re ready, I’d really like to know your story”.

His response back was simply, “One day, I’d really like to tell it to you.”

That statement drove Marissa into a frenzy.  She performed an extensive Google search until she was satisfied with what she had found, only that he had not been arrested or married. That was all she could find because he unfortunately, did not have Face book, LinkedIn, nor Instagram. There would be no snooping on the mystery man Ray. She would merely have to take what crumbs he gave her.

She checked into her room and expected that she would be greeted with Ray’s presence momentarily so she got in the shower. She stayed under the hot stream for what felt like an eternity. There was no greater feeling than washing off the germs of airport strangers. She made sure to lather up in a new fragrance Ray had not smelled before, which had become increasingly harder with their visits ramping up to once every 6-8 weeks.

After emerging from the shower, she saw no calls or messages from Ray on either the room phone or her cell phone. She thought to call him.

“Yo.” He answered.

“I thought you were headed here,” she asked with a hint of irritation in her voice.

“No, I left the beach hours ago. I had to come take care of my son and get him to bed and wait on the sitter to come. I’ll see call you when I’m on the way.” Ray replied nonchalantly.

Once his final statement was spoken, she knew the conversation was over. There would be no need to ask additional questions, whenever his son was brought up that was the line. She knew better than to cross it.

Marissa dressed and walked to the outdoor restaurant attached the hotel. She would make him pay for making her wait. Even if this was no big deal to Ray, he fully expected her to enjoy herself on his dime. He would make arrangements or suggestions for her to go to various clubs or entertainment but she was never interested. A fine meal and book was more along Marissa’s line of enjoyment.

After a grilled octopus appetizer and fresh Caesar Salad with a bottle of Pinot Noir, Marissa was ready to head back to the room. She checked her phone again; still nothing from Ray. She hated the way he made her wait. She felt like he was saying she had nothing better to do than be there for him when he was ready to arrive. Yet, she always waited. Half afraid of what he would do if she did not, the other half not wanting to miss out on what was always a quite enjoyable time.

“This is no time to go proving points to people who could care less,” she thought. “Just get what you came for.”

Marissa fired off a text full of venom on the heels of the buzz from the bottle of wine. “I guess I won’t be seeing you tonight!

Rays response vibrated the phone on the top of the table. “What gives you that impression?

I haven’t heard from you all night and I don’t know when you are coming” she shot back.

His response was, “I’m coming. I wouldn’t miss you for anything.”

Marissa feeling herself calm down momentarily, she then requested another bottle of the same kind she had at the table be sent to her room. She picked up a book from her luggage, signed for the bottle and fell asleep atop of the covers before either was opened.

The vibrating phone woke her up. It was Ray. “I’m OTW

Ray walked in.  He was dressed in a black suit coat, black pressed shirt, black pants, black lace up shoes. She had never seen him so nicely dressed. Marissa was taken aback by his presence. He reached out for a hug, Marissa turned to the side to press only half of her body next to his. He had to know she was not happy with his late arrival. If Ray knew, he never let on.  Ray began to completely undress as if he had arrived at home. He was down to nothing but his boxer briefs. Marissa did not make a move to undress an article of her clothing.

As Ray began to lie down on the bed, Marissa resigned herself to the couch across the room. Marissa wanted him to feel her displeasure with him.

“So are you just going to sit over there and give me icy stares all night?”, Ray asked.

“Are you asking me to come closer?” Marissa asked cocking her head to one side.

“That would be nice. Are you sure you even want me to be here right now?” Ray said, quickly flipping the scenario as if he were now the injured party.

Marissa noted this, but was powerless to hold out any longer.

Marissa made her way to him on the bed. “I’m fine with you being here”, she said but still at a distance. She did not want to acquiesce so easily.

He grabbed at her waist and moved her on top of him in a straddled position. She knew this meant that he wanted to talk to her.

He traced his fingers underneath the hem of her camisole and inched his hands up the soft flesh of her abdomen. Her nipples instantly became erect at the touch of his hands on her body. Marissa still kept her icy glare down at him between her thighs. She was a pro at this game he liked to play with her. Their dance was a complicated one to any onlookers, almost as if they hated each other but their passion was equal to either love or hate.

“I’ve memorized the map of this body.” Ray said as his hands ran trails over her torso.

Marissa asked, “But do you like the topography of this map?”

“Are you serious? Do I not show that to you in every way I can?” Ray quickly snapped, all the while never changing the motion or pressure of his hands running up and down her body.

“You are the one that goes home and treats me like what we have doesn’t matter. You assume a lot of things about what I do here without ever asking me anything.”

“Tread lightly” she thought to herself after noticing the change from his normally cool tone to a very stern Ray.

“Well, what should I know that I don’t know? What am I assuming? What have I missed?” she asked.

“You assume I don’t care about you. You assume I don’t want to talk to you. You assume I don’t want more.” he said calmly.

Marissa did not let him finish this train of thought.

“MORE?”She said in an exasperated tone.  “What more can we have? We live in two separate states and you have a child and a life here. It wouldn’t even make sense to talk about anything else between us.” she stated.

His lips were covering her lips as soon as her mouth stopped moving from the words she was saying.  There he was to shut her up, in the way he knew best. Their tongues swirled around each other, taking care to lightly dart in and out of each others mouth. His intense and almost dizzying form of kissing always caught her off guard and swept her up into his embrace. His kisses were like taking a giant eraser to her mind, all the fight she had in her flew out her. There was nothing left but lust, or was it something else?

Marissa sat mounted on top of Ray.  Kissing him and rubbing his body but Ray wanted to be in control. He lifted her off of him and on to the bed, moving from his seated position he raised up over Marissa. He stretched her body completely out.  Ray removed her bra and lightly teased her spine. He saw how her body curled from the touch on her spine. He began to lay soft kisses down the length of her back . Marissa thought she would die from ecstasy. She never told any man but her spine was her erogenous zone. It was ten times more sensitive than her breasts. With each kiss, suck, lick Ray was blazing a trail down her body. He had no idea what lay at the end of it. Or did he?

Ray pushed Marissa’s legs up till she was on her knees and her ass was raised into the air.  He parted her legs so that he could give full access to her. He took the flat thick part of his tongue and ran a continuous line from the base of her spine to her clitoris. Marissa was dripping from the anticipation of his mouth on her. He reversed his direction. He continued this assault on her until she screamed, “Take me in your mouth!”

As if that was the cue he had been waiting for, he enveloped her entire clitoris and lips inside of his mouth. In a matter of seconds she was convulsing and orgasming.  Ray never released his mouth from her vagina.  Her orgasm ripped through her body and she bucked and shook he stayed latched on to her the entire time.

The first orgasm was just one of many to follow. Ray made her cum so many times she had resulted to begging him to stop. The pleasure had crossed over into its neighbor pain’s territory. The orgasms felt amazing but she felt her clitoris become so engorged and raw she had to have a different type of stimulation.

Ray rose up and took his hands to her throbbing wet vagina. He took the sticky sweet wetness and ran it in circles around her anus opening. He slowly slid a finger in, Marissa moaned in pleasure. He massaged her more to open her wider. Ray took out a condom and spread it down the shaft of his penis and brought it up to her vagina opening. He quickly slid inside of her. He only stayed in her long enough to coat him in her wetness.  He grabbed a pillow near her head and kissed her deeply as their faces came in contact.

He laid the pillow underneath her pelvis and pushed her body down. Ray rose up over her with her legs spread to either side of his body. He slowly entered her ass, giving her body time to adjust to each inch. He made sure to gently insert inside of her, Marissa’s breathing changed as her body adjusted to each insertion. Ray listened to her breaths.  He would stop when she sped up and continue when she was breathing slower again. He never rushed her.   Whenever she was ready he would proceed. He was completely inside of her and thrusting in and out of her. Marissa felt every part of her body come alive. After the initial pain wore off, she was in an intense arousal. It was a completely different type of orgasm, and she was grateful. Just as she felt herself on the verge of another orgasm, Ray pulled out of her. He told Marissa to turn over.

As she turned over, he changed condoms. He grabbed her legs and moved them up towards her body. Marissa grabbed her legs and held them tight as he entered her vagina again. At first slowly with the same pace he had in her anus, but he quickly speed up when he felt her body begging for more. Ray grabbed the back of Marissa’s head and made her look deep in his eyes. He wanted her to not only feel him but to see him.

“This is yours. Do you understand me?” he asked her.

“Yes, Baby. I understand.” she replied.

And with her response, he released inside of her. All the time holding her gaze, their eyes never parted. As he pulled out of her, he fell to the side of her on the bed.

“Are you good?” he asked.

“I had another one about to come down right before you but I’m good.” she said.

“No, baby, I want you to finish. What do you need from me?” Ray stated _____.

Marissa was taken aback and almost emotional at how caring he was even if he never really showed it.

“Just lay there.” she instructed as she mounted his knee and began grinding on him.

Within moments Marissa was collapsing on top of him, having him look at her as she semi danced, semi rode his knee cap got her to a point of orgasm quicker than she thought.

She fell on to his chest and took a deep inhalation of his scent. She realized in that moment she maybe had not been as immune to him as she thought. Perhaps he had weaseled his way in deeper than her vaginal walls after all.

Ray kissed her forehead and prepared to leave, she knew the drill and never resisted it. She never asked him to stay, even if she did want to change the rules she set in motion, she would not. But as soon as she heard the door latch, she grabbed his pillow and breathed his scent in one last time before falling straight to sleep.

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