Naughty cakes from Pink Panda bakery

Can you imagine my joy when a new bakery opened on my street. Oh the joy! And yes, the temptation. So far I have tried the red velvet cupcake, coconut ring doughnut (a house speciality), and because sometimes I just need some sugar, I had to pop in one day for a sugar coated ring doughnut.

What I am really excited about though is that Pink Panda does ‘naughty’ cakes like these below:

image(2) image(4) image(5)

Best of all, the lovely people at Pink Panda have agreed to give YOU a 10% discount when you mention ‘Adventures’ at the till. Make you no slack o. Go order your naughty cakes now. Methinks it will make a lovely Valentine’s present. You can ask the staff to deliver mine to me (hint, hint)

Pink Panda is located at 64 Garden Road in East Legon (very near the Agape and Pentecost church). You can also call them on 020 612 1414 or email them ia pinkpandabakery[at] Remember to tell them where you heard about them.

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