Paris Returns

“It’s NOT a relationship, we don’t relate. WE FUCK. Call it a fuckship if you want.” Marissa said as she tipped the glass to her lips and took a sip.

“Girl, that’s a relation-ship, a fuck-ship… It’s a ship, I have no idea where its headed but Honey, you are in it.” Akisha said, and the twosome erupted in laughter.

“I just don’t know why he would say this is ‘The best relationship ever’. It turned me off completely. I am vehemently opposed to relationships; especially with people I have no interest in outside of a bedroom.“ Marissa stated with an eye roll at such a ridiculous notion.

Sure in the last foumonths she had seen him three times and they would talk all day, but that did not constitute as a relationship. She knew the brakes were going to be pumping soon. She would never admit this to Akisha , but the thought of losing him tugged at her in an awkward way.

305-555-2031 appeared on her caller id as her cell phone buzzed on the table.

“Is that him?” Akisha asked with a smirk on her face. She knew Marissa did not save phone numbers and this was a Miami area code.

Laughing Marissa answered the phone. “Hey You!”, she said.

A deep baritone voice answered back,“Hey.”

Marissa was startled, she didn’t know this voice off the bat and it surely was not Ray with a hey he always greeted her with a yo.

“You rang?”, she asked the mysterious caller on the other end of the phone.

“I did.” There was a pause.  “And you have no clue who I am, do you?” the strangers voice said. She detected a smile in his tone.

“You’ve got me there. I don’t have any clue who this is. Do you want to fill me in, or play a guessing game?” her tone shifted to slightly annoyed.

“Well, I’m pretty good at games. How about we play a real game of guessing? I will give you two hints and if you still don’t know who I am, I will hang up and never call you again. Sound good?” the caller said.

Never one to turn down a good mystery, Marissa took the bait. “Sure. Shoot.”

“Amsterdam to Atlanta, Delta flight…” the caller couldn’t finish the flight number before Marissa gasped audibly.

“Wha…what are you doing calling me? Isn’t this call expensive? I thought you were overseas?” Marissa peppered Paris with a litany of questions.

All Marissa heard on the other end of the phone was laughter and after a small pause he said “So you do know who I am?”

“I could never forget you” Marissa confessed, nostalgically letting her mind wander to their time in the air.

Marissa had heard from him off and on, but there were never any attempts to see each other while he was in Atlanta. That suited Marissa just fine.  She never had any real thoughts about him other than thinking about that one crazy time she lost herself on a plane. He was nice as a mystery, some men just fit better in that role than in real life.

His voice snapped Marissa out of her trance, “I’m back home for a while and I want to see you. Soon.” He said, half asking, half commanding .

“Well, I’ll be around, I’m not hard to find. But right now, I’m having dinner and being very rude to my dinner date so I should get off the phone.” Marissa said.

“Oh, I’m sorry but before you run off again. Can I see you tomorrow? ” he was not getting off the phone before tying Marissa down.

“I don’t see a problem with that” Marissa said leaving things very vague and non committal.  “Good night” she said barely waiting for his response.

“Good night” he said and she heard the line click.

After the call ended the two girlfriends feel into a fit of laughter.

Paris called promptly at noon to set the plans for their date. He was staying at an historic hotel in downtown Atlanta across from the famous Fox Theatre, The Georgian Terrace, in suite. Paris had made dinner reservations for them at 8:00 p.m.,and offered to pick her up, but Marissa declined. She wanted to make sure she had an exit strategy if things went south.

Marissa arrived to the restaurant’s valet stand at ten till 8:00 p.m., to her surprise Paris was waiting for her outside the hotel.  Marissa felt a surge of energy run through her body at the sight of him. She had seen photos of him but seeing him in person still did that thing to her. There was an energy she could not deny.  It was a thing that made her feel alive and scared to death all in the same breath.  He walked up to her with a wide grin on his face and arms outstretched.

Oh Lord, this man is going to work this voodoo on me before we even get the bread on the table. I just pray we make it through the appetizers without having them send the food to the room she thought.

He embraced her and kissed her cheek.

“How very French of you, Paris” she said.

“Are we being formal?” he asked. “I thought we knew each other a little more intimately than a mere hug would demonstrate”.

“Tis true.”, as a sly smile crept across her lips remembering their in-flight experience.

As they walked to the table his hand found comfort in the small of her back with a few fingers sliding down to discreetly feel her behind underneath the yellow silk dress she had labored over choosing hours before. After being seated and catching up on their lives, travels and stories the pleasantries were wearing off and the wine was kicking in.

“I must admit, I was a little shocked to hear from you.” she started with Paris.

She had to let him know that while she had been the reason for the separation she did not like that he did not pursue harder. She did not  think highly of men who did not enjoy the lure of a good game of cat and mouse.

“I could apologize until I am blue in the face but I don’t think that is what you are looking for.” he knowingly answered her.

Marissa quickly responded, “It’s not but I am curious as to why you and I are here. Now.”

“Well to be honest, I think about the way you made me feel on that plane all the time. Thinking of you here without me makes me irrationally jealous and you aren’t even mine” his words spilling out of him as if he had no control.

Marissa hadn’t expected this response. She was accustomed to the games and lies about being busy, caught up, and other nonsensical excuses men used to say they were here now for one reason only. Her only reaction to this was an uncomfortable laugh.

“Jealous you say?” she said with a half smile and eyebrow arch.  “Do tell.”

“I really would love to tell you more about how you make me feel but I’m not as skilled with my words as I am with my hands. I have made a living out of expressing myself physically.”  His eyes darted across her body and Marissa felt her internal temperature raise.

Marissa squirmed in her seat to spread her legs open so the slit that stopped mid thigh would allow for more air between them as she felt heat spreading up her body like a brush fire.  She unconsciously bit down on her lip. Her actions were not unnoticed by Paris, a devious smile spread across his face and his eyes bore in to hers.

Marissa had to get some air and excused herself to the bathroom.

The historic hotel still had a bank of pay phones directly outside the bathroom. As she exited the bathroom door, he stood patiently waiting on her leaned against the phones.

“I wonder if these still work.”, he said to her as he picked up the phone’s receiver to listen for a dial tone.

“I’m sure they do.”, she said as she moved in closer for a listen. He took her face in his hands and kissed her so deeply she fell into his body as if her knees had given away beneath her. The feeling of his scruffy beard on her soft chin made her excitedly thrust her tongue in and out of his mouth. She hungrily sucked his tongue and nibbled on his bottom lip, feeling his erection rise on her thigh that had been wedged between his legs.


The sound of the phone’s receiver interrupted their session and they remembered they were still in the lobby looking like sex starved teenagers pawing at each other.

He took her hand in his and she laced her fingers in his and followed him to the elevator. The twosome walked into the mirrored elevator and both looked at the ceiling clad mirror and could not help but take advantage of view.

He began to softly bite the flesh starting at her nape in a trail that lead down her shoulder. The rough bite coupled with him sucking in the air that he did after each bite made all the goosebumps on her arms stand at attention. When he got to her dress strap he gathered it with his teeth and drug it off her shoulder till her supple breasts fell out of her dress. Seeing the site of her nipple caused his attention to change direction. He released her hands that he had moved behind her back and fully caressed her breasts making sure to trace circles starting at her nipple and going clockwise around the darkened area of her areola.


The sound of their arrival at their floor brought Marissa’s eyes off the ceiling. She had been watching his slow seduction in the mirror above their head, as if she was a voyeur and not a participant in the action. To watch him and feel him at the same time had put her over the edge.

I wonder what would happen if I pulled the emergency alarm on this elevator. I mean surely that would buy us 10-15 minutes at least she thought.

Before the doors opened, he pulled her strap back over her shoulder and spoke softly in her ear “Say the word and we can stay right here. We perform well in tight spaces.”

She shook her head no but relieved she was not the only one with that thought. “I’m actually excited to have a little more room with you this time. You didn’t get a chance to truly enjoy me the last time”

“You don’t know what I enjoyed the last time. I look for you every time I board a plane, hoping lightning strikes the same place twice.”

He led the way to the suite 609, at the end of the hallway.

Glad we have no neighbors, no one to complain about the noise she silently thought as she trailed behind him.

Watching his tall muscular body move underneath his clothes excited her. She did not get a chance to appreciate his body this last time.  The excitement to undress him had her prematurely doing so with her eyes. He held the door open for her and made her narrowly squeeze past  his large frame as he his eyes stayed glued to her behind as she walked past him. The door clicked behind her and she turned on the balls of her feet in her 3 inch strappy nude stilettos. Within moments she was mid air with her legs around his waist and her body pressed against the wall with his full weight against hers.  His hands had snuck their way under her dress via the slit he had been eyeing all night. Being eye to eye with him allowed her to stare. He was intoxicating to look at, his beautifully chiseled face and deep brown eyes.  This time, their passionate kissing could not be interrupted by any bells or buzzers.

Marissa kissed him like she had been missing him, not even realizing this thought before her body had put it on full display for him to feel. He reciprocated her affections with deep plunges of his tongue, gripping her ass, and his heavy labored breathing was saying too had been missed.

His lips finally left hers and the slight pause allowed her mind to settle back down.
She whispered, “We clearly have a problem with small spaces. We have this entire room and we pick a cramped hallway”.

They both shared a small chuckle at the thought.  Their initial meeting had them in such close proximities it was as if they were drawn to each other’s closeness. The only way they interacted was wedged together or separated clear across the world; they just could not seem to do anything in between.


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