An Ode to Aunty Nana by Guest Contributor Spiritual

It has been a hectic day as usual for you. A lot of deadlines to be met. The stress is taking its toll on you. But I have the perfect remedy for you Cunnilingus

Gently I pull your tired body out of your clothes. I start at your neck and work my way down your body with my eyes, then my lips, tongue, and teeth. I look for the wonderful curves of your body, irresistible places for me, and I, kiss, lick, and maybe, occasionally, take a small nibble. The hollow of your collarbone, perhaps, or the curve at your waist, your inner thigh, and the valley just inside your hip that puts me on the path to your wet warmth. Your body has places I can’t resist and I find and enjoy them, not hurrying, while you lay back and think about what might come.

When my mouth has finished its journey, I spread your legs, but I don’t just plunge in. You don’t know what’s coming, but there you are, beautiful and waiting, just inches away, and I take a moment to look at the inviting folds of your labia, and to enjoy the warm smell of your sex. This is what feeds my lust and clears my mind off everything except my thirst for you: your pussy is there in front of me, waiting for my lips and tongue, waiting for me to bring you pleasure. This moment was once imagination, and later it will be a memory, but now we have this moment, this flesh. Soon I’ll know your depths with my lips, tongue and fingers, hear your breath catch and shudder, send ripples of pleasure down your spine. I’ll hear you moan, with my face buried deep between your legs, lapping at every drop that pours from you.

I start slowly licking just outside the lips of your pussy. I lightly kiss your labia, take each fold between my lips, suck and slowly, gently part them. My tongue moves between and slides up and down those folds, at first barely touching you. As I lick, I occasionally slide my tongue deeply into your pussy, getting my first real taste of you, uuuum..tasty, but then I return to long, slow, light flicks, my tongue penetrating a bit more deeply each time. My tongue goes deeper into you, but pay no attention to your clit, not yet, saving the best for last. I slide my fingers down to just outside where the folds of your pussy hide your clit, and gently spread your lips, and the tip of my tongue reaches your clit for the first time. My tongue slides quickly over the pink, exposed button, moves up for a moment or longer, massaging your clitoral hood. My tongue occasionally loses its gentle touch when it dives deeply into your pussy, returning each time to slide back up again, to slowly tongue the small, soft length still hidden, protected by its wet hood. I slide my tongue up and down, as I do, I send the first quaking waves that will later grow into a gushing orgasm. I take my time now, steady is good, but slow is better. I’m torn between two choices, between a need for the explosion of your orgasm, and the desire for this moment to never end.

Thoughts stop again, and I return to experience the taste and smell of your sex, the sound of your breathing quickening, and the rhythm of your pussy as it throbs gently against my mouth and tightens around my tongue, as if trying to take hold and draw it in closer to your hot love nest. I continue to slide my mouth to your clit between long laps at your warm lips, tonguing you, sucking gently. Little by little my rhythm changes. Now my tongue is at your clit, flicking fast and light, I feel the need coming from your flesh, and my mouth is full on your pussy, my lips meeting your lips, my tongue pushing deeply into you. I drink in every warm drop pouring from you before returning to tease your clit with a barrage of tongue-flicks. There is nothing else except for the rhythms of your heart against my lips and in my mouth. And then I slide a finger deep into you. You gasp. Above me I hear your voice, you call me, “Spi..rit…ual” in muffled tones. I push into you and curl my finger up to lightly touch your G-spot, rough against the undulating smoothness within. I feel deep inside you, exploring and suddenly you’re throbbing in waves against my hand. You like my hand pushing against you as I explore. I add another finger, then another one. You enjoy feeling my fingers pressing against you, pushing you open. My mouth is still licking, lapping, gulping at your pussy. My tongue keeps returning to your clit, and I feel your juices become hotter, warming the back of my throat. Your taste is stronger now, richer, and I feel in your body the anticipation of a new moment. Your legs tighten and your body pushes down, trying to  force my fingers deeper into you, your hips moving up and down, faster and faster,to feel my mouth against you, my mouth taking long laps fast and hard against your wildly moving clit. The more I take of you the thirstier I become, and I drink deeply tasting your hottest, strongest essence, and you cum. As you cum, you gush into my mouth, first a stream, then a river of your hot cum, and I take it all, drinking gladly what you give me, feeling your pussy throbbing against my now soaked face. I lose sense of time, and I ride your orgasm. As you slow down, I slow with you, let your swollen and sensitive clit relax a bit. I lick you, taking you into me, but lightly now, enjoying the taste. I slide a still slick thumb to your sopping pussy and movie, quickly and gently over your clit. I listen to you catch your breath, feel your body pull away. It’s still too sensitive I figure. I wait. Soon a moment will come when you’ve almost caught your breath and the throbbing of your pussy has slowed, and then, when I repeat that gentle touch, your body will gasp toward my touch. I wait for that moment. I touch you there, and your body accepts my invitation without your awareness. My mouth is on you again, my lips on yours in a deep, slow kiss. We begin again.

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