World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day, and this graphic asking us to act aware speaks to me, and I hope to many of you. In my experience it is far easier to say act aware than it is to demonstrate act aware in reality. In my sexual relationships I find that most of the time I am the one saying ‘let’s use a condom’, ‘when was the last time you got tested’ etc. And I’m not always consistently able to stick to safer sex, yet days like this remind me of the importance of practicing safer sex. So don’t do as I do…Act aware all of the time.


Do you have stories of how you have acted aware? Do you have stories of living positively or of any subject related to HIV & AIDS? If so share them with us via adventuresfrom[at]gmail dot com and you could be published here

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  • True, at times its so easy to get carried away and safe sex is forgotten. Thanx for the honesty and for the reminder. Most of the time we just think we are safe…..and dealing with a safe partner.

  • I try to practice safe sex. I was involved with one guy, he suggested we get intimate and I suggested we test for HIV. He forced a smile and agreed but proceeded to dodge and make up excuses for not setting a date. I stayed passive about the sex and didn’t put out. He eventually moved on.

    I’m currently being pursued by a guy who wants a sexual relationship, I said sure, but first we need to undergo the battery of tests that’ll give us a clean bill of health. I told him the ball was in his court – no test, no sex. I’ve heard excuses about his busy schedule, my busy schedule and the inconvenient business hours of the best lab in town.

    In the meantime my toys work great, although I am shopping for more – variety is the spice of life.

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