‘What I want you to do to me’ by Guest Contributor Saffron and Lace

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I want total control or maybe out of control.

I want to walk into the room and to lock the door.

I want to pull a chair back and up against the wall. I want to beckon you to cross the room and take a seat.

You settle into the chair, I hitch up my skirt and slide on to you.

I unravel your tie and pull it off, then gently drop it to the floor.

I watch you for a minute, tracing your facial features with my eyes.

Then I nip at your earlobe and trace kisses down the side of your neck.

I caress the skin under your one week fuzz, lightly scratch your jaw down to your chin.

I plant a ‘barely there’ kiss on the corner of your mouth, brush my lips over your upper lip.

Then suck on your lower lip.

As you open up, I invade your mouth with my tongue and explore, deep, wet and warm.

Enjoying as our breaths quicken.

Savouring that moment, when the kiss is not enough and you grab my waist and grind your shaft against my lips.

We still the kiss and our eyes lock in shock as we both realise –

You realise – I’m naked under the skirt.

I realise – sometime during my exploration, you sprung your penis free from your underwear and trousers.

I press down and slide outwards over your shaft, enjoying the sensations and catching my breath.

I stop at the tip, trying to calm my trembling. I did not realise I had thrown my head back and shut my eyes.

You place your hands on either side of my neck and slide them down.

Over my shoulders, over my breasts.

Down the sides of my ribs and you rest at my hips.

You stop there and refuse to move until I open my eyes.

I lower my head and look at you, you lick your lips and smile.

I bite my bottom lip as you slide me back across the same path I had just taken.

Except the contact is firmer and the sensations more delicious.

The path is slow, sweet torture – I whimper.

I slam into your mouth for a deep, long kiss, grinding hard against you to intensify everything I am feeling.

At some point your tip is poised at my entrance and you dip in a little and pull out – teasing me.

I’m holding my breath, trying to maintain my sanity.

I nip at your ear and gasp “condom.”

You chuckle and the vibrations cause us to rub against each other, I moan in pleasure.

Thinking “More. I want more.”

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