Ananse, Anansewa.

I found this thing I wrote to Nana last year and did not put up, can’t remember why. Figured, now was as good a time as any!

For those who don’t know, I keep teasing Nana with these little meetings where I hold my breath and try to see if she recognises me. She still has not.  It thrills me.



I stood so close to you that I was able to smell your hair. You turned, your eyes tired, said hello, muttered pleasantries. I told you I liked your hair and you thanked me, politely, like a stranger that I was; a strange stranger sniffing your hair. I thought for sure you’d know, for sure my self is written on my face, flashing like a neon sign for all to see. But your eyes were empty, bereft of recognition. You did not know me, and so when you turned to leave, I did not stop you.

Happy Halloween.




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