‘This Pain…’ by Guest Contributor Tendai Garwe aka Sokostina

[Today marks the start of the #16Days of activism against gender based violence. Share your blog posts on the subject with us]


Am in bliss; total relief; loving every moment in disbelief.

Will the pain return or am I in final freedom like a flying leaf.


What is this, its sharp pain and just changed my skin color.

Did I celebrate too soon?

This familiar feeling, is heat on my meat.

That sound, what’s that sound? Sounds like bricks coming down on me.

I feel my heart breaking; something is piercing my soul

My head is ringing, feels like it’s going to explode


This pain, don’t tenderize me, I am not a piece of steak to roast

Let me be, it s bed time not breakfast time that you burn me like toast

You boast that you own me;

You paid for me in exchange for eight beasts


This pain I feel is supposed to be foreign yet it’s become so familiar

Like the beasts you traded me in for;

You keep leaving your mark for branding;

Your fists, your words, your treating me an asset;

A priced possession you want no one to take.


This pain is too much;

It feels like heated metal eating into my flesh

Sinks deep enough to leave exposed wounds

But shallow enough to not damage the bones


This pain has turned me into a drug addict,

I pop pills more than a baby eating candy


My soul is belittled

My heart detangled

I feel a different pain this one you can’t use pain-killers


This pain I do not want, I can’t stand it, it needs to end.

Something has got to give and it’s definitely not me.

Either I die or he dies, whichever way this pain has got to end.

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  • gender based violence is something most marriages experience, but women are mostly at the receiving end. and most women condole it according to them they don’t want to leave their children, forgetting that if they are killed the children will still survive. and some couple are still courting the man has shown that violent tendency they will think that he will change when they are married. violence in any form should be condemned.

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