‘Forbidden fruit’ by Guest Contributor Indo-Afrikan Queen

It’s a little corny and predictable. The thought of crushing on the most enigmatic man at work. 

But I can’t help it. 

It’s been a month now of intense one-sided chemistry – butterflies around him, and flashes of his face popping into my head at odd hours.

See, this is the thing. I am in a committed relationship, and I feel terrible about feeling this way. I love my partner, and would never do anything to hurt him…

But two weeks ago, I was pre-menstrual and Jamil came into my office to work on a project that we were on together (he is a little senior to me, but not by much), and as he sat next to me I couldn’t stop noticing the little things about him, his lips, his strong jaw, the flecks of his wild, thick lush hair, his hands, his fingers. Those fingers. 

We kept working for a couple of hours. I was pretty sure that there was no attraction from his side, but every time his hand grazed mine to touch the screen or keyboard I felt a pulse in my clitoris. “Keep it together girl…” I would say in my head, and inhale deeply. “I wonder if I smell weird, or if being so close to me is insufferable for him”. Jamil is an aloof man. Highly competent, but closed off. “I wonder what his dick is like?” I would think, but at the same time could not imagine kissing him, or petting with him like I could with other guys. 

We joked around on the project, here and there, and after a while the office started emptying out. Our deadline was in two days so we had to stay late to meet it. After closing off a section of the report on the analysis, we said goodbye and I went home. My partner was asleep. I got into bed next to him, closed my eyes and thought about running my hands through Jamil’s hair. I touched myself to the bliss of his imaginary touch and came in less than thirty seconds. 

The next day we were at it again. The work that is. The office emptied out and we got closer to meeting the deadline. I kept noticing the gestures with which he spoke. He was so confident, there was no posturing with him. No peacocking. It made my tummy turn more. “God, I would love to give him the best blowjob he’s ever had”. At about 11 p.m, with no-one around, our hands touched and we held eye-contact. I couldn’t help myself – my panties were soaking wet and I couldn’t do this anymore – I pulled in for a kiss. He hesitated, then reciprocated. 

He lifted me up. He was tall and lean. I wrapped my legs around his waist and perched my bottom on the desk. I could feel his erection against my clitoris and had pleasurable pulses run up my spine. I ran my fingers through his hair at his nape, and tugged, and with my free hand unzipped his pants. I was pleased to see his competent cock wet and sticky itself.  I held him in my hand while he finger fucked me with two of those beautiful, long thick fingers. Pearl white cream all over his fingers, I pulled his hand away licked it then got off the desk, onto the rough corporate carpet and took him deep into the back of my throat. Extra cautious to be careful because we were still at work. I cupped his balls in my hand, and felt like I could cum purely based on the sensation of his dick coating the back of my throat in precum. He pulled my hair, then lifted me  up again and stuck his beautiful cock in my pussy. I didn’t have a condom, and neither did he. We agreed that he’d pull out. Riding him bare felt so good. I could feel him at my cervix, I loved taking it deep. After about a minute my clit against his pubic bone made me cum, and after a bit he did too. 

I got up and pulled up my panties. Flushed. I then said that perhaps we should leave. I said I’d finish the work the next day. There was no way I could do it now. 

“Cool, so we’ll pick it up tomorrow then?”, he said in his cool aloof way. I jolted into focus, agreed, then went home to my partner. “

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