‘That night!’ by Guest Contributor Mama Mkenya

I was deep in thought wondering how the people in this village in Ndaragwa, Nyahururu felt about having a castle rudely thrust onto them by their wealthy neighbour, when I saw her walk towards me. “May I join you for your walk”, she asks.  And I know it’s happening today. I don’t know exactly what but I know I want it to happen…..and I know I will like it.

Tonight, three is definitely a crowd! But we have to play nice and entertain the rest of the team. I wish I could share this wine only with her because I know, I feel, it’s tonight…

Katy Perry does not deserve making music about kissing girls because “I kissed a girl and I liked it” is such an understatement! Soft, soft lips, I wish I could stay there forever. “Can I?” Yes, of course, you can! You can! You can!

Oh my, my, they are so soft, I feel their weight on my hands…and the nipples, oooh, the nipples! I am lost in these breasts, Oh, Goddess help me!!

Yep, that’s her definitely, she is entering me. I feel her energy coursing through me…and am moving, we are moving, are those cries mine? Oh dear Lord!

Blood, I see blood and am thinking, when did I start bleeding and OMG is that menstrual blood?! “Don’t worry baby, don’t worry” she whispers. My blood on her fingers…. why is that turning me on all over again?

My turn to ask if I may…even though I just want to dig right in….like a starving person scavenging for their first meal! And there was a need for patience, for the treasure I discover is worth the wait, the thinking of, the anticipation, the desire! I simply cannot have enough of it! But I must be content with today….and a promise/hint (?) of a tomorrow!

All this was made oh so sweet by the hedonism of it all….the breaking of silly organisational rules against fraternisation ? Work retreats need some infusion of joy, no?

4 comments On ‘That night!’ by Guest Contributor Mama Mkenya

  • Hi Mama Mkenya..
    Are you from Ndaragwa or were you visiting? I am from that region and I could swear that I am the only queer girl in that area code.
    I wouldn’t even call it an area code because our sleeping village is literally in the middle of nowhere. In every literal sense; I mean, what is a tarmac rd?
    Sitting on that queerdom seat seems to be the only thing I have achieved so far in life and I would be deeply disappointed to share those bragging rights with anyone, you know 🙂
    Great piece!

    • @Queerblackgirl your comment made me lol. Now I am really hoping Mama Mkenya is from Ndaragwa so you have to share the bragging rights 🙂

      • Hi Nana,

        Your comment made me fan-girl all the way from Ndaragwa.

        I am the epitome of how a girl can turn out gay whilst surrounded by five feet wild grass grazing goats in the open fields of a village. You can never hide from the gay gene; I could write a 6000 words think piece on here I tell you.

        Better still, let’s hope Mama Mkenya is my neighbor then we can get to do our very own Under the Udala trees remake.

        Of course you will officiate the wedding 🙂

  • Hi Queerblackgirl. I am not from Ndaragwa unfortunately. I was visiting your village when this magic happened. Suffice to say I have very fond memories of the place.

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