‘Brown-eyed Woman’ by Guest Contributor Joyline

For reasons, reason knows nothing of
I have taken a strong liking to you.
I swoon over you with reckless abandon.
Hypnotic thoughts of you are a torment.
Your friends, your family,
Your hobbies, your sexual prowess,
Ravaging kisses that rush lust though me,
Oh my! My mind does ponder upon a lot.
Tell me – Do you even notice me?
I wonder – Do you even like me?
Why do I allow you to have a strong hold on me?
How dare you stir my primal needs?
How dare you tamper with my sanity?
How dare you stoke a fire within me?
I have some nights where I toss and turn.
For your physical presence, I have come to yearn.
I am aflame with a searing desire for you.
Fantasies of you are a tormenting pleasure.
Fantasies so adulterated and reckless,
They often leave me moist and restless.
You know, we’ve already been on dates.
We interact like the best of mates.
Damn, do we seem a perfect fit.
If only reality and imagination would meet.
I wonder if I should tell you. Decisions! Decisions!
An inner voice keeps whispering in my ear.
It runs me through all I ought to fear.
Unsurprisingly, I keep the feelings to myself.
If truly fickle, in time, these feelings shall fade
With a hopeful and heavy mind, I can only sit still.
Did I just betray myself into silence?

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