Guest Contributor Nubian Beauty: Do not hold me back

[I was inspired especially by Frema’s post to put down my current feelings about sex in the form of poetry…]


Do not hold me back

I have waited and waited

For you

For this moment

I have stopped myself countless times

Denied myself from letting go

From falling over the abyss

Only because I want to fall with you

I did not let him touch me

Even though my body craved a touch


He did not kiss me


Make love to my screaming body

Because I kept this all tucked away



To unleash it for you

So do not hold me back

Let my cries reach to the heaven

Let my arched back incur the moon’s jealousy

Let my love juices run like honey

Let my body hum

Let it vibrate

Do not hold me back

Because I deserve this loving

And I will not receive it silently

Quietly purring

I will roar like a lioness

I will bite

I will scratch

Do not hold me back

When I move like a goddess

Over you

Under you

Beside you

Aside you

Between you

Do not hold me back when I ride

Or buck wildly beneath you

Or refuse to let you go till your seed is in the pit of my belly

And when I reach heaven


Do not hold me back.

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