Visual Prompt: Two Is For Tribbing

I don’t know where she came from – this fervid vixen, both woman and boy – but I’m glad I’m in her world and she in mine.

There’s only one way to describe her. She’s an enchantress. She’s a goddess. And she’s petulant. And coy. And the sight of her makes me weak in the knees and slick between the thighs. How could such a woman be defined by one word? I lied to you.

I’m sorry.

But what I feel no sorrow for is this moment, right here and now. Look at her body. It’s magnificent. Her breasts are like crab apples, taught and tart to the taste. It is my genuine pleasure to nibble on them just after she’s worked out. It reminds me of the day we met: At the gym where I was trying to lose weight and she was trying to earn bulk. We laughed about how ridiculous it all was… This incessant pursuit of the “perfect body”. She said she envied the way the narrowness of my waist gave way to a fat ass. I laughed, teasing her about her thigh gap.

“I bet there are gale force tornado winds that can blow between your legs!”

She bent over and howled. I chuckled, proud of my own joke. And when she stood erect, there were tears in her eyes.

And then our eyes locked.

And then we kissed. Just the two of us in the locker room at the gym. The taste of her hour-long exertion spent with weights and dumb bells manifested in the form of salty sweat, nestled on her top lip. Her body is seasoned the same way now. I drink it in.

That was just over 2 weeks ago now. Today is the first time I’ve beheld her body naked, or she mine. I gasp with amazement, delight. I’ve never been with a woman in this way before. My relationships have all been innocent flirtations over coffee or some secluded place away from curious eyes. Plus, there’s the insecurity I’ve always harbored about my body. Breasts so large and saggy…

But my Goddess expressed in no uncertain terms how much she desires me, how she’s been patient for 13 days but can wait no longer. Will I have her? Yes, I say. I will.

We strip.

I don’t know what to expect, or what to do. But there is a pulsating around my vulva that will not abate. So I do what feels natural to me. I spread my legs and welcome her into that warm, slick space. She obliges by welcoming me into hers. We become one, feasting on each other’s tender flesh with our other mouths. After a while, her tender strokes become more aggressive. There’s something that has broken in my Goddess, pushing her to an urgency. We’re no longer making love.

We’re fucking…and I have finally given away my innocence.



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  • Malaka, Nana, HOLAA and the talented artist — these visuals are beautifully charming.
    Keep up the wonderful work!

    • Thank you, S&L! I think you’re going to love this week’s image as well!

      Oh. And don’t forget: You can submit a story if these images stir you. 😉 Don’t keep that inspiration all to yourself!

  • I love this series so much! These visuals and the resulting stories are too good

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