‘Can we talk?’ by guest contributor Xy

Afrosexual Politics Image courtesy of HOLAA

Come here, sit down, let’s talk

I see your skin tightening at the length of my breath

Like I’m the origin of the youthful beauty that illuminates your personality

Your pores opening to be filled with erotic ecstasy of a love long lost

Your heart losing sight of what it feels like to pump blood to ya brain

Feeling like it’s the first time you inhaled so longingly to a familiar stranger

A brush of my skin against yours to remind you of our first encounter

That first kiss, at the expense of an unexpected rendezvous

Feeling the slight bumps on your skin, as you filled up with an amorous love

How your cheeks perfectly blushed into pink

Blood rushing to your heart, and lips as though they’d been deserted of such

Your bottom lip dropped at the sight of my body feenin to be bloomed with a fertility of your virgin kisses

A garden laid bare for you to ignite with a touch of your tongue

Body feelin so cold longing for an embrace of you biting your lip in adoration of a color so warm you couldn’t envision

This heart only rises to your presence and drops at the expense of your absence

This body only moves in a motion directed by a rhythm of your thoughts for me

I know we gotta talk but baby

If you dare open your heart and risk a vowel out of your mouth

Do know the risk that lays before you

That I can’t help but fall

For lips so thick in sweetness of honey dipped love.

For love so tempting I can taste it in my dreams..

For a love so real, I’d dare risk my life to have one more taste of you

Can we talk?

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