Guest Contributor Vortex: A poem for you and you

I want your tongue there
Yes there
Kiss me
Hands find and wrap around firm breast
Eyes meet eyes over a firm long cock
Tongue meets tongue over a chocolate brown rock
And the wetness begins

I want your cock
Pulsing and pumping deep inside me
As my mouth reaches and strains to taste
Sensations exploding in all directions
Feeling of hunger for more
Taste more
Feel more
Me harder

Limbs, mouths, and fingers
Caressing, probing and stimulating
Sounds pulled from the base of throats
And so delicious
All is so delicious
I could stay here

I want you
To take her
Spread her legs wide
Get inside
And thrust
Need to taste where the two of you meet
Need to eat
That pussy
Need to lick that cock
That’s all I feel

I want us to rock
This rhythm
As he is connected in me
And she is connected to he
And we move, thrust, caress
As a we
Firm smooth skin
Strong hard thighs
Deep contented sighs

I want you and you
And me

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